Kick off BBQ after softball games


Date Time Competition Season
May 24, 2019 6:00 pm Events 2019

Extra details

Like usual we kick off the new season with a BBQ at Krave. Look forward to details about our tournament raffle among other things. Come drink eat and party with our Summer sports teams! Ottawa based softball, volleyball and Ball hockey will all be in attendance.


What are you bringing!

  1. 2-3 types of cheese and crackers
  2.  Summer salad (kale, spinach, strawberries, nuts.. fresh fun summery!)
  3. Three layer dip & chips
  4. Strawberry shortcake


Diana VestaAttendingHot dogs & burgers for all
David AAttendingVegan options
Claudia PAttendingFruit tray
Private: Amanda RCannot attendPasta Salad
Dominique RaymondAttendingveggies n Dip
Jamieson ClareAttendingXtra beer to share
Brianna SAttendingHamburger buns 24
Private: Michelle IngAttendinghotdog buns
ThomasinaAttendingdeviled eggs
Bells (Marc Bélisle)AttendingChips
DrewAttendingDeviled eggs
Guillaume BergerAttendingX-tra beer
Dylan CundellAttendingmore pasta salad cause he keeps eating it
Captain (Eric Delisle)AttendingCommittee
Blake AAttendingcommittee
Private: Jonathan LevyAttendingIce & spicy things
Sarah RoseAttendingXtra wine!
Mike LieffCannot attendDesigner shots
Caroline LCannot attendquinoa salad + pretzels
Kelly HAttendingNanaimo bars!
Sophie clerouxAttendingveggies
AlexanderAttendingLIKE duty
Sarah ZAttendingCookie Brownie Cupcakes
DjrAttendingmore ham buns
CameronAttendinggarden salad
Sara WAttendinggarden salad
Kelsey OAttendingChips and Pop
Private: SebCannot attend 
Michelle PCannot attend 
CarlynCannot attend 
MillsCannot attend 
Frank DinardoCannot attend 
Marc SAttendingChips and Pop
eric raymondAttending 


74 Fair Oaks Crescent, Nepean, ON K2G 4W3, Canada

20 comments to Kick off BBQ after softball games

  • blank

    Please fix the title. 😉

  • blank
    Amanda Mills

    I am back in Sherbs for my parents 40th Anniversary! So sad to miss this!!

  • Krystle

    So out for the game too?

  • blank

    I can bring a fruit tray

  • blank

    I’ll bring pasta salad

  • Dominique Raymond

    I’ll bring veggie platter and dip

  • blank
    Jamieson Clare

    I’ll bring some beer !

  • Brianna Cynthia

    I can bring the buns! Couldn’t figure out how to edit above.

  • Krystle

    only admins edit above , comments are the way to go 🙂

  • blank
    Tiana Richer

    Sign me up for Sangriaaaaa!

  • Krystle

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh love it

  • blank
    Sonny Smith

    Not sure if i can make it as i have a meeting on the 24th at 430 but all i can do is try

  • Krystle

    24 of us arrive at 8pm, so just come when you come!

  • blank

    I’ll bring some chips and Guillaume too, Guillaume will bring some beers to share also

  • blank
    Kelly Hall

    Homemade Nanaimo bars!!!

  • blank
    Jonathan Levy

    Jamaican patties yo, I’m gonna spice it up for yall ????

  • blank

    I can bring some wine.

  • Krystle

    atta girl

  • blank

    Cookie Brownie Cupcakes

  • Kelsey O

    Marc and I will bring some chips and a bottle of pop:)

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