Clash of clans

Suds, Buds & Windmills doesn’t just sport they have also been known to game. Based out of the NCR Ottawa region but considered world wide SBW plays Clash of Clans and Clash Royal. Download em ‘ now or search the same great name.

See Rules and Info and FAQ Please

Suds, Buds & Windmills // Wars:Mon,Wed,Fri ET:8pm//New members request “any air” or “any ground” except during war//Elders can specify troops requests, get elder by completing clan games// READ WEBSITE
1Izanagi ☣Titan I
2JustynTitan II
3M$M$TTitan III
4JakeTitan III
5HellonuChampion I
6Lap Lap GamingChampion I
7PAGEAUChampion I
8KobChampion II
9SceptiCChampion II
10MaSkChampion III
11LordecrisChampion III
12G MehrabChampion III
13Captain KrystleChampion III
14MoradrimChampion III
15WeaklingisaiahChampion III
16SaronorChampion III
17Clasher_BROChampion III
18Mubeen2002Master II
19Collinsspamzz46Master II
20MohammadhosseinMaster II
21Why?Master II
22The wreckerMaster II
23EVAN1551Master II
24Carnage INC.Master II
25Big RigUnranked
26DobberMaster III
28ROW•RIDERCrystal I
29Izanagi JrMaster III
30MarcoCrystal I
31NorwayJohnCrystal I
32Kadoss9$9Crystal I
33JOYBOYCrystal II
34Khanyjhem.00000Crystal II
35NICOLE±33❤️Crystal II
36BoSsOnECrystal II
37Michelle!!❤️Crystal II
38EvangbCrystal II
40Sithum rockCrystal III
41SceptiCalCrystal III
42KerlwCrystal III
43MomogiGold I
44HellonuGold I
45Bruno 13Gold II
46Ace_qwGold III
47RizzGodSilver I