Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in helping out YOUR team with any of the incredibly easy tasks below please reach out! Spreading out work all year round, Eric and Krystle shouldn’t have to do every single thing themselves. These are not difficult tasks All contributions will be tracked and noted by Captains.

  • Tournament Photographer – take photos during the SBW Annual Softball Tournament in August.
  • Photo Editor – Help edit and process bud photos, help make SBW videos
  • Activities Planer – Help plan bud activities, example setting up BudsGiveBack blood drive in 2020.
  • Website Content management:
    • Help load new content on the SBW website.
    • Assist with updates to player profiles. Things like setting genders, adding photos and help buds complete their profiles.
    • Assist with changing the URLS. Example adding key search words and changing the headlines of all past links on our website.
  • Post-game writer – Creating new content helps keeps things fun and improve SEO’s.
  • Communications – Canvasing companies for prize donations. Every 10 places called is considered a contribution and success’s highlighted.
  • Communications – Assist with helping the annual Raffle. (Launches at Kick Off BBQ & the prizes drawn at our annual tournament)


Completed Items

  • Website Content management – Seeking a Bud to cross reference past jersey & sweater orders to ensure we have a comprehensive list of numbers assigned. Claudia Pelletier  
  • Tournament Team – Create a poster for our 4th and 5th year tournaments. 1. Four Fun  2. High Five Claudia Pelletier