In 2012 Co -Captain Krystle went to Co-Captain Eric Delisle’s men’s competitive ONSPL game. The Hot Pockets were playing at Dumaurier West. Best I can figure it was August 13th, 2012.

A foul ball was hit, you know the spot , down the hill into that ditch area next to the parking lot. As Cappy Krystle went to fetch it she wandered past a table of men playing cards. The ball was retrieved and thrown in and one of the gentleman complimented her throw and asked if she wanted a beer. Silly question, clearly that answer was a yes.

She sat with them at their Costco fold up table, admiring the bottle of scotch (fave drink…) on the table and trying to figure out what card game they were playing. Everyone introduced themselves and two brothers named Eric & Dave (CLEARLY a sign) ran the team. They had played before Eric’s game that night. They told her they had all played together since high school! They chatted and drank and it was interesting to see that they had done this for so many years.

She was inspired. She wanted to be drinking scotch and smoking cigars in a lotty after her games with SB&W when she was an “old man”. Eventually Eric’s game ended and he found her. She asked, if a team had been together since 85 , how many years would that be if our team stayed together what year would we then play until?

Until 2039 he answered.

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ps. if anyone knows what team it was that handed Krystle a beer and inspired us, please let me know…

A post game is a write up of the games main moments. Writing post games is a long standing tradition and the best ones have always been creative but accurate. Pete, Seb, Eric, Krystle, Julie/PhilThom battle & Lyndsay (although not relevant to softball whatsoever) stand out as the outstanding submissions over the past years.

Any photo
A photo of the score sheet
A 300 word or more recount of the game

Some obvious tips:
Keep it friendly towards the opposing team, umpires , league and even our players, although Eric is fair game & we encourage you to make fun of him.
Take notes during the game to remember items
Take a photo or two during the game so it’s not a Google’d image come post time
Read the historical best post games to get an idea of post games
Write it right away while it’s fresh in your mind
Check that you spelled names correctly
Use the score sheet to help you

Click here to see some examples from our tournaments and seasons

Probably one of the most #FAQ we ever get and so many side stories that follow.

Okay so in the softball world you get a lot of sexual innuendo and it’s part of the culture. We wanted that but we also didn’t want to be the 5th team named Pitch Please, Where my Pitches at, Master Batters etc. We wanted to be #TheOnly, but we also wanted to keep with the unique softball culture & have some play on words. We also knew that we would be more then just a softball team, that when Eric & Krystle do anything they go bigger badder and simply better. We didn’t quite anticipate the empire that we became but we knew we would expand and be more.

There’s two versions of our name, the clean and the softball dirty. If you want to know the latter you need to ask a Bud in person. Anyone wearing a jersey with our name is gonna know and be happy to tell you more about the history of this empire.

The clean version is Suds, for beers, Buds for friends and Windmills because of windmills pitches , catcher gear (Yas) & ball, that being said our teams have never and will never play windmill softball. Just getting to keep y’all on your toes.

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What is it: It’s Women’s VS Men’s practice game but mostly a serious chirp fest between all of us.

The history& Futsal: Started with Soccer aka Futsal in 2013 with our women’s soccer team vs them, the guys who always watched the games. We lost in a devastating 5-2 game. The second time we played “The Rematch” in 2014 the ladies won! The 3rd time we matched up against one another,  played in the winter of 2015 titled “The Tie breaker” the ladies lost , again 5-2. 4th game called “Lets Go” played in 2016 the men took it making series at this point 3-1. 2018 had a dramatic last minute goal by the ladies to win 7-6 and bring the overall series to 3-2. 2019 edition had the girls best team they’ve put together over the years and Eric and Alex were nervous after watching them play. The boys would pull off one of the biggest upsets in franchise history winning an estimated 15-3 (we lost count of the score). Krystle would go on to beat up on some girls on her Monday team and win the game for them in the final seconds. Boys now up 4-2.

Softball: 2016 we had the first ever Us vs. Them softball edition. The girls loss pretty badly, all evidence of the game (score sheet) was destroyed lol, we couldn’t even beat the spread that “vegas” put on it. Captain Krystle ended up wearing a cute little maid outfit for frolic. The second in the series,  happened September 23rd, 7pm and the ladies got pumped. THIS time we are adding a handicap. 2017 edition had Krystle veto any composite bats from the guys and gave them “pop can” bats. Ancient aluminium and whenever a guy hit a nice hit even with these fence posts she would come steal the bat away. The Ladies had a good line up but with some last minute ringers Eric recruited the game was fairly one sided having the men up 2-0 in the series. There was no game played in 2019

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It was 2013, a kid named Johnny messaged Krystle asking if she & her friends could play softball for their Co-Ed team in the Special Olympics Quyon tournament. Krystle agreed only if Eric could join as well.

Providing little to no details to Sarah Eric and JulieA all three agreed for some reason to go out. Where is it? Do we have a tent? What about food? …. JulieA coined the adventure as “Sketch” which we still refer to it today as.

It was during this tournament that Renee spoke of the Smoking Aces having a website! It was decided then ON THE SPOT we would have one too and by Tuesday , a mere two days later SudsBudsWindmills.com was born. Thanks to our amazing behind the scenes tech team, Bruce code master and Alex for the content edits, the site is how SB&W is capable of running such an empire.

SB&W would return the next two years with their own full teams and win in
2016 with the help of GSam’s Brawlers.

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Does it say on the schedule that the game is cancelled? No? Then it’s not a rain out! ALWAYS PLAN TO PLAY! Do not ask if it’s a rain out. If you have to ask then the game is on. IF the League determines it’s a rain out the website will be updated first. This will send an automatic email to all those who have properly rsvp’d. After this, we will make an effort to update social media. The League will only call games up until 4ish or 5ish. Anything after that is umpire’s discretion. We aren’t able to answer your texts cause WE are driving to the game. If for any reason people do not show up to the game cause they THOUGHT it was going to get rained out, especially girls, then we FORFEIT. If you don’t show up for this dumb reason you might as well not come out to the next game.

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Full time players: If you know you’re out for sure, go to that game and say OUT. Vacation in three weeks, let us know now. Do not write in, in, in , in on every game, that never works! Sometime the week before the next game, go to the game and comment in , out, or “maybe late have exam” etc. Cut off for all sports, any game is the day PRIOR at NOON. I will replace you at that point.

Spares/or another night you don’t play on: The week of the game, go and comment on the page “can spare”, I will ask you first. I might have to ask a lady before a dude because of co-ed requirements and I might choose an outfielder over an infielder but in general ill ask who ever is there because it makes my life easier and shaves 10 texts off my nightly routine. If you CANT spare, do the same, tell us. Justyn with a Y musta had to tell me 10 times he had weddings this summer, I have trouble sometimes keeping track, there’s 100 of you and three of us!