History of SBW


Suds, Buds & Windmills aka SBW is Ottawa based sports franchise. Ball Hockey, Volleyball, Softball & Futsal games are played in and around Ottawa, the NCR region. Both in tournaments and in leagues. Events especially charity are often scheduled.

Mission Statement:

To excel as a sports based organization that’s inclusive and welcoming with a competitive edge in all activities. To compete, organize and strive for excellence in all events or games until 2039. May everything we do include the option of a cold beer & welcoming to all including baby Buds.

Franchise milestones

  • Expanding to create a second team (Fridays)
  • Creating a website
  • Getting our 1st sponsor and buying water bottles as investment product
  • Creating a Volleyball team
  • Expanding to create a third team (Tuesday Rec)
  • Including Woman’s Futsal under the SBW umbrella
  • Running our First tournament.
  • Creating the newer 2.0 website
  • Teaming up with Mike B


We started by making a team, a  D team and we pulled together and won. At the time it was everything, and we started to grow and A looked impossible. Teams like the Lumberjacks and Woodies were giants.. – Eric

  • United Steel Workers (rocking way more ladies)
  • 2013 RA Softball Tuesday D championship
  • 2017 RA Softball Tuesday A Championship
  • 2018 Girl Power – B Pool
  • 2017 RA Beach Volleyball Monday
  • 2018 RA Beach Volleyball Monday
  • 2014 HTBHL Winter C Championship
  • 2016 HTBHL Winter D Championship
  • 2019 B+ HTBHL Winter Championship
  • 2021 Cash Gobbler Co-Ed Rec Champions (rocking way more ladies)
  • 2022 Bytown Showdown Woman’s Rec Champions
  • 2022 Mid Season 3 Pitch Champions
  • 2023 Mid Season 3 Pitch Champions
  • 2023 Ottawa Softball Women’s Rec Champions
  • 2023 ONSPL Men’s Rec Champions