Another Final Tourney


November  5th, 2022  $ 50

Old Slys Rd, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 3S2


Player Payment Comments
Krystle PAID
Brandon PAID
Casey PAID
Stephanie PAID
Crystal PAID
Farmer ??



1. SBW
2. Undrafted
3. Nemesis
4. Young guns
5. Team LaSweff
9 1v2
10 4v5
11 5v3
12 2v4
1 2v5
9 No Game
10 2v3
11 4v1
12 1v3
Start at 2
Finals 6PM
There is No BBQ so please bring your own food and please clean up after your team !


1. ALL BATS Must Have Thumb Print stamp to be used.
2. No new inning after 55 min. Game Time Slots are 1hour!!
3. Coin toss will be used for All Round Robin games. Higher Ranking team will be home in the playoffs.
4. 7 Homeruns per game NOT PER GENDER after the homeruns are used, any untouched ball that leaves play in fair territory is an automatic out. Walk off rule for Homeruns (Includes 4 base award and batter does NOT have to touch 1st base).
5. Arc is 5 to 10 feet and A Board is being used for the strike zone. For a play at the plate, the catcher can be in contact with the board for an out on a thrown ball. Any batted ball that hits the board is a strike and is immediately dead. “Time” will be called by the umpire.
6. Pitching zone is 50 to 60 feet. All pitchers must wear a mask when pitching.
7. Team batting must retrieve foul balls and homerun balls. If an attempt is not made to retrieve your balls you will start the next inning with an out.
8. Defensively, teams can play 7 guys and 3girls or 6 guys and 4 girls. There is no rule this weekend about pitchers so you can have a girl pitch and catch.
9.Batting order can be anything you want but at least 3 girls must be in order!
10. Teams must have a minimum of 9 players to begin and a team must field at least 2 women. The ratio would be 7 men and 2women with 1 automatic out. Can’t walk a player to get to the auto out to end the game.
11. Any walk to male where a female bats after him is a double (regardless of the count) and the female has the option to bat. If a male is walked and he is followed by another male then the batter only gets first base and the following male must bat.
12. Anticipation step is allowed as the ball crosses the plate, on a swing or bounces in front of the plate.
13. Foul Balls caught by the catcher are an out regardless of height.
14. 4 courtesy runners per game. Teams can use same runner more than once. Male for Male, Female for Female and Female for Male.
15. If a team is winning in the bottom of the last inning, the game is over regardless of the score.
16. There are time limits for all games with the exception of the semifinals and the finals.
17. Max of 7 Runs Per Inning.
18. Mercy Rule is 20 after 4th inning, and 15 after the 5th 10 after 6th inning
19. Round Robin games can end in a tie.
20. All Games will start with a 1 and 1 count.
21. Standings for the playoffs will be determined by win/loss first then plus minus. 2 points will be given for a win and 1 for a tie. Max of plus 7 will be given in round robin. Then will go head to head. Then true plus minus will be used.
22. Entry Fee is $525 and must be handed in before your second game starts. Rosters are due with your entry fee as well.
23. All score sheets must be handed in by both teams and your score given to one of the convenors.
24. Pitcher Courtesy will be used with 2 outs. Meaning if there is two out your pitcher gets a free courtesy (Must have pitched the inning before)
25. There will be zero tolerance for abuse of the umpires. Their call is final. Any person that is ejected from a game will be done for the weekend no exceptions to this at all we are here for a good time and to raise money for a charity. Protests must be handed in with $500 cash to the convenors within 30 minutes. If you win the protest your money will be given back. If you lose the money will be forfeited and donated to the current year selected charity.
26. There is to be No Alcohol or Drugs on the benches at any time.
27. Every Player is to sign the wavier form before your first game no exceptions. If a player is found not to have signed the wavier they will be removed from the game till this is done. There will be no exception to this at all.
28. The Convenors of the tournament have the right to move a team for the playoffs if they feel it is necessary to do so.
29. Remember to have fun and play safe.
30. Please use the garbage cans we should not have to clean up after your team at the end of the games or the night. When you leave the bench take your garbage with you. Thank you
33. Please be ready to play 15 mins before game times to keep things on schedule
34. You can not THROW a girl out from the Field at 1st Base!

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