Cottage Tournament


July 7th-9th – Softball coed team

We will have some basket raffles and 50/50 draws as well. These can also be paid for with cash or via e-transfer.The barbecue will be running throughout the day, and will offer hot dogs and drinks. It is by donation.As this is a rec tournament, we are expecting things to be fun and relaxed, but we generally follow SPN rules for the games.

We also have a few specific rules for our event:

  •  One home run per inning any following home runs are an out, and a dead ball
  • Maximum five runs per inning
  • Minimum of four (4) women on the field at all times
  • For the batting order, you cannot bat more than two (2) men in a row, so watch the start and end of your lineup
  • No tie games – last inning will be unlimited if necessary
  • If a man is walked and is followed by a woman, he is awarded second base and the woman has the option to take first base or to bat
  • Points are awarded for games won
  • Advancement to the finals will be based on points, with tie breakers going to the +/- ratio If it is still tied, names will be drawn from a hat
  • Home team is determined by coin toss – your choice

Stafford Park

641 3rd Ave S, Pembroke, ON K8A 7A5

Schedule :


10:15 am SBW vs Pitching Kidneys

11:30 am Keepin’ it renal vs SBW

3:15 pm The Dirty Birds vs SBW

5:00 pm Finals ?

Co Ed Team

Player Payment Comments
Krystle PAID (minus cottage cost)
Heather PAID
Hiscock PAID
Kelly PAID
Anderson PAID
Diane PAID
Alison PAID


Breakfast: will be grab and go fruit and bagels. Toppings will be cream cheese, vegan cream cheese, salmon, PB, and im hoping to make fresh strawberry rhubarb spread.

Lunch: everyone is on their own and most likely is at the diamond and food truck

Dinner: is going to be enchiladas , vegan and chicken with a summer salad and veggie tray. Late night snacks over the campfire will be hotdogs.

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