Ottawa SBW Upcoming Seasons

Welcome Ottawa!

This page is updated each season to bring you an update on our plans for the upcoming season. The events, sports and activities we plan for the Ottawa and surrounding areas. What we have planned for Ottawa Softball, Ottawa Ball hockey, Ottawa Volleyball , Ottawa Futsal  or other Ottawa Sports. We also will also give updates on Softball tournaments we host or community outreach programs via our Buds Give Back.

Fall Sports 2023:

Ball hockey
1. Riff PAID
2. Hollie
3. Kamila PAID
4. Heather PAID
5. New Heather PAID
6. Kim PAID
7. Eric PAID
8. Hiscock PAID
9. Pat PAID
10 Jacob L

Enter your own team, 4 on 4 – games are between 12pm and 10pm. Tentative start date: September 10th

Cost per team $1450, / 10 =145$ send to in comments Ball hockey

Games can start as early as the first week of September. We will run our fall ball session through the end of October.
The season will consist of 6 regular season games and playoffs. Single 90min games with the occasional double header. As always, all of our games are umpired and the umpires are responsible for the bases and balls.

Women’s fall ball Tuesday’s 66$
Games will rotate between Trend, Carlington, Sportsplex, or Dumaurier.

  1. Diana Vesta PAID
  2. Maria PAID
  3. Kim PAID
  4. Tiana
  5. PAID

  6. Mary PAID
  7. Crystal Lake PAID
  8. Diane PAID
  9. Brie PAID
  10. Sens Jess PAID
  11. Alison PAID
  12. Kamila PAID
  13. Christine PAID
    Out: Kelly A, Michelle O, Crystal S, Anne

Men’s Fall ball Wednesday 68$
Dumaurier, Britannia, Clarke, TBD

  1. Eric PAID
  2. Pete PAID
  3. Rich
  4. Brandon
  5. PAID

  6. Lockett PAID
  7. Jeff PAID
  8. Cham PAID
  9. Hiscock
  10. PAID

  11. Anderson PAID
  12. Yendry PAID
  13. Corey R
  14. PAID

  15. Jamie PAID
    Out: Dryden, Patrick, Rey,