666 Lyndsay

<strong class="sp-player-number">666</strong> Lyndsay
Center field
Past Teams
Fall Ball Thursday, Futsal, Softball Beer Babes, Softball Beer Eh
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
When and why did you start to play sports
Start ball around 10. And because my mom wanted my sister and I to get active in sports, and softball was the cheapest sport. I didn’t really stick to it until maybe four years ago. I didn’t play when I went to school, but I got back into it afterwards. But I played in ladies leagues for like 3 years, then only co-ed for the past 2 years.
What's your favorite moment as a Bud?
Probably my strippers birthday party last year
Whats SBW for you?
SBW is a supportive community! Once you join, you never go back


Moments: In the 2018 B Championship game for Girl Power Lyndsay made an amazing catch in Left Field ending the inning