3.14 Drew

First base
Current Team
Team Meetings
How did you become a Bud
When the group message created the name for the ball team I was playing on.
When and why did you start to play sports
Well at 3.5 years old, I was added to my brothers ball team so they could play when they didn’t have enough players.
What's your favorite moment as a Bud?
Successful first tourney despite my firm belief that it would lose money
Favorite movie
Back to the Future 3
Favorite show
I collect hobbies
Hidden talent
No gag reflex
Go-to snack
Grilled cheese
Favorite drink
Dr Pepper

Drew was a founding member of the SBWs softball team. When he’s not injured rocking out to Bon Jovi he’s the friendliest First baseman you will ever see. Drew’s known for clearing bases with little to no effort and in his spare time hitting 75 balls off the T.

“BC is the single easiest way to get hit in the balls” -Drew

“That single was dirty, like stripper snatch dirty” – Drew

” In order to be a rival.. don’t you have to play in the same league as a team?” -Drew

“Also I understand if you held the door for someone they would claim you were doing it aggressively” – Drew bout Krystle

Nickname(s): Tiny, Drewbear

Signature Trait(s): Friendliest, Superman grip tape, Likes to hit things

Plays nights/events: Fridays & Spares Tuesday and Tournaments

Most likely position: First base or Injured

Strengths: Distracting Base Runners, Fearless, Strong Arm


  • Made the throw from 3rd to 1st for an out (2013)
  • Friendliest player (2013)
  • Most likely to abandon his teammates to seek shelter in the opposing teams dugout during a thunder shower (2013)
  • Teen Wolf Club (2013)
  • Player(s) we missed having around this season (2013)
  • tied with Luisa for the Helping Hand Award (2013)
  • 2nd place for the George Carlin award (2013)
  • Best Defensive Lineman (blocking runners when they round first) (2012)
  • Most likely to base coach the other team while on the field (2012)
  • Most sportsmanlike for: “That should have been a double! I was blocking the baseline!” (2012)
  • Dirtiest Runner, taking leads on every base (2012)


  • During a regular season RA game Drew made the first ever historical throw for an out, from Third base to First base.