91 Dylan Cundell

<strong class="sp-player-number">91</strong> Dylan Cundell
Dylan Cundell
Current Team
Event, Fall Ball Thursday, Fall Ball Tuesday, ONSPL Thursday, Practices, Softball Comp, Volleyball
Past Teams
Ball Hockey, Fall Ball Tuesday
2018, 2019, 2019 Fall, 2021, 2022
How did you become a Bud
During the summer Dylan was grocery shopping and came across a helpless Captain Krystle in the cereal isle trying to reach the the top shelf . Despite her tippy toe and every effort , she was unable to , so Dylan being the hero we needed swooped in and now he scores goals and crushes HR's, everything you could ask for.
When and why did you start to play sports
I've been playing as young as I can remember. Started with baseball and transitioned to hockey but have played everything in between
What's your favorite moment as a Bud?
Every moment is my favorite moment
Whats SBW for you?
An Empire
Favorite movie
Live concert DVDs
Favorite show
Trailer Park Boys
Sports, playing guitar, eating, board/card games
Hidden talent
Go-to snack
Sunflower seed flavor
Favorite drink
OJ and sprite
Celebrity crush
Walter White

Jersey Nickname(s): Put Me In Coach,

Signature Traits: Taller than you, quiet, orders one beer, small bladder


  • We once traded Dylan to the other team on Friday Beer & he had three at bats where he jacked THREE damn home runs, each a two run shot giving the opposing team 6 of their 7 runs.
  • Drank as many drinks at DUSTED as he put up points that season (a lot)