Ball hockey Schedule

HTBHL Outdoor Ballhockey Pickup season

The time:

7:00pm to 7:55pm

The rink we are using is the Jim Tubman Chevrolet Sens rink which is located at 2185 Arch Street beside the Canterbury arena and the community centre. The location will allow us to play 5 on 5 plus goalies! This outdoor rink is covered, with lights, boards, glass and netting. There are also team benches and the floor is a slab, same as the indoor rinks we’ve used for previous summer leagues. Google the rink, it’s awesome!

Groups will be capped to 20 players and 2 goalies per timeslot. If you would like to sign up as a group in the same time slot, please let us know. We are only accepting registration for the full session and the cost is $50 per player/goalie. This secures your spot for all seven dates in your specific time slot. There will be limited opportunities for spares to play with a drop-in fee, however, HTBHL will manage all spares for contact tracing purposes.

A game manager will be on-site for each session and they will provide balls, randomly make the teams each week and ensure we start and end on time. Specific details will be shared with those who register, but we can tell you that their will be no face-offs and that masks are not required on the rink surface or on the player benches, these two areas are restricted to players only. Since this is a pick-up session, no equipment is mandatory, however, it is recommended!




Claudia: Sept 24th
Kelly: Oct 20th
Dylan Feb 1st – Kelly
Cindy March 11th – Alex
Bells March 29th – Sarah Z
Alex April 10th – Cindy
Eric April 16th – Krystle