84 Tiana

<strong class="sp-player-number">84</strong> Tiana
First base, Third base
Current Team
Fall Ball Womens, Practices
Past Teams
Ball Hockey, Fall Ball Thursday, Fall Ball Tuesday, Futsal, Softball Beer Eh
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023
How did you become a Bud
I started dating Aimee and shortly after I went to watch her play Futsal. Krystle spent 14 seconds assessing my size and mobility and I was recruited then and there. GO TEAM!
When and why did you start to play sports
I came out of the womb wielding a 34oz pine bat.
What's your favorite moment as a Bud?
Probably watching the Superbowl in Cuba and rallying half the bar against Krystle and her Pats.
Whats SBW for you?
They just keep asking me to play... 😉
Favorite movie
Kill Bill Vol.1 and Vol.2
Favorite show
That competitive cheer show on Netflix..CHEER. That's the craziest sport.
softball, arguing, spitting and scratching
Hidden talent
I am relatively ambidextrous.
Go-to snack
Sunflower seed flavor
Favorite drink
Celebrity crush
Christina Ricci
Have you ever summoned the Shart Fairy?
Yes, once when we ran out of toilet paper in Cuba. I got incredibly angry that there was zero toilet paper and cursed the TP Lords (Charmin/Royale etc..) and low and behold I entered the bathroom in the lobby that evening and NOT ONLY was there toilet paper for everyone and everywhere...the Shart Fairy themselves left a rose made of TP.

Isolation Interview

If you were quarantined with one Bud, who would it be?
Aimee. A lot of drinking in my apartment, maybe Kim or Erin Cecil is a friendly soul

If you could go back to the dinner in Cuba what would you warn us (advice) about Pandemic?

You wont be able to get together again for awhile so get wasted! One more SBW pre-pandemic party before the the shit!

What restaurant are you going to first?
Union 613 Summerset and Bank and the Carleton Pub


Memorable Moments: 
in the 2019 woman’s slo pitch softball tournament Tiana got up to bat and the opposing pitcher just pointed to 1B. Tiana took the walk making history for SBW because nothing could be done.