5 Diana Vesta

Diana Vesta
Pitcher, Second base, Shortstop, Forward
Current Team
Ball Hockey, Fall Ball Thursday, Fall Ball Tuesday, Fall Ball Womens, Friday 3 Pitch, Futsal, ONSPL Thursday, Practices, Softball Beer Eh, Softball Comp, Softball Women’s, Team Meetings
Past Teams
Exhibition, Softball Rec
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2018 Fall, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2023 Fall, 2024
When and why did you start to play sports
As an adult
Favorite movie
Goon, Beer League, D.E.B.S, Footloose 2001, 10 things I hate About you, Ricky Bobby
Favorite show
Running empires
Hidden talent
Finding a spot for everyone
Go-to snack
PB english muffin
Sunflower seed flavor
Favorite drink
Celebrity crush

Jersey Nickname(s): Shhhhhhh, Secrets, Awmack, Captain, Slider, Awmack, HE <3 ME, I<3B==D, MackZone, Look to your Right, Fear, Conquer, AwwwMack, ComePlayWithMe 

Fave Bud Moments

WOW so many… but let’s name a few:

  1. Hitting the (in park) bomb grand slam to win the game in woman’s softball when I was told to run the clock so we would revert back to the prior inning (auto win for us if it did, but cheap).
  2. Saying that I’ll win Sarah Rose the socks she wanted at the HR derby at virgin tournament out of pure cockiness and pulled through and won it.
  3.  Hitting my first out of park home run playing in Ambush on the SBW’s Lady Buds team. Playoff game brought in 3 runs.
  4. First time I twisted it as SS.  I was playing beer team and Justyn with a Y was my 1st base, team had complained I tried a little late on the play just before “why would you throw” , I was a little down about the comment, but next inning I got set up again and Justyn was ready and that’s why you throw…..
  5. Mills yelling at the top of her lungs “THAT’S OUR SS” in Girl Power after I made a snag.
  6.  The time Cameron, Mills, & Pete collaborated to dump a cooler of ice on my head in celebration of an almost perfect Friday season. Pete saved my phone. Cameron smoked me with the cooler lid. I was soaked, Mike didn’t want me in his car…somehow still one of my top moments haha.
  7. Eric’s first HR with the team was a grand slam nail in coffin that delivered us our first SBW (D haha) championship
  8. The look on Eric’s face when I asked him to do the math for until 2039….. he knew what he signed up for
  9. Scoring the game winning goal in the shoot out when no one ESP ME thought it was possible and against FO.
  10. David sneaking back into the bar and off the bus to dance more at DUSTED
  11. Winning in Us vs. Them Futsal (clearly not the 2019 game)
  12. Winning the Us vs Them softball game 2021
  13. Tiana’s dug out speech at Worlds 2022

Softball Career


  • Bad Ass Base runner (2015) Krystle had 13.3% of the runs (Tuesday – 17)
  • Infield HR Award (2015)
  • Infield HR Award (2013)
  • Bad Ass Base Runner (2013)
  • Player with the most doubles, with 9 (2013)
  • Tied Eric for player with the most Triples (2013)
  • Turned a double play (2013)
  • Tied Mario for Player who played the most positions (2013)
  • Perfect Attendance (2013)
  • The Dirty HR award (2013)
  • Most likely to trip over her own base (2013)
  • 3 way tied for the Golden Cleat (2013)
  • tied with Mario for Golden Megaphone (2013)
  • Nominated for MVP (2013)
  • In park HomeRun (2012)

Futsal Career 

Krystle was a single sign up to the Futsal team, originally called the Lucky Charms. She fell in love with the team and the players and  volunteered to lead em’ when long time teammate Claudia wished to retire.

Signature Trait(s): Sometimes Short Shorts, always the player being fouled by the other team

Years Played: over 200 games played

Most likely position: Forward

Strengths: Some fancy footwork, some on the money passes, scoring goals


  • The Golden Boot for Top Scorer in the division 2017
  • The Golden Boot for Top Scorer in the division Winter 2015
  • The Golden Boot for Top Scorer in the division 2013
  • The Golden Boot for Top Scorer in the division 2011

Ball Hockey Career

Krystle started Suds, Buds & Windmills Ball Hockey team with the help of Eric D. Together they manage and captain the team. Krystle first played OSSC as a spare for Eric’s team the Bear Claws. Loving the game but absolutly hating the plastic sticks, late games, random locations, no reffing bullshit that’s OSSC she pushed to create their own team.

Signature Trait(s): shoots right, wears soccer shin guards, fiesty “call off your pitbull” lmfao.

Most likely position: Forward


  • During the RA 2013 season playoffs Krystle almost scored her first BHockey hat trick. The 3rd goal she buried as the buzzer rang and the ref disallowed it.
  • I got it later playing for Phil Thom’s team
  • Led the team in points for the 2013 fall season

Favorite Quotes:

É – when known enemies are around just try not to say anything! Cause it will go like this
K “puppies and rainbows!”
En “WTF ! No kittens?! WHAT THE FUCK RAGE.

Primary League

2017Softball Comp00