D.U.S.T.E.D Lyndsay Bday -Ottawa event


Date Time Competition Season
November 24, 2018 7:00 pm Events 2018

Extra details

Suds, Buds and Windmills is going to Drink Unsuspecting Small Town Establishment(s) Dry. Softball tournament players and league alike are invited to see what they got! We rented a bus to ensure space for futsal, ball hockey, volleyball and softball players, plus their friends! The Event is near the city of Ottawa limits.


Send 10$ to Krystle@SudsBudsWindmills.com

We aren’t a softball team we are more … a fraternity, and to declare that what better way then throw some ridiculous over the top birthday celebration that only a sports fraternity could think up….

1. Bring cash
2. DON’T pre game
3. Wear whatever you want but we shall mostly be rockin’ SB dubs

We are taking a bus to a small town and drinking their bar dry. It’s seriously that simple!

The bus ride will be an hour long.
The bus will have you back in Ottawa for 2am

We are celebrating two birthdays! Cupcakes and fun challenges will be had by all. A roadtrip small town play list is being created and there’s two big aspects of this beyond drinking something dry

1st: Looking our best, rocking the sweaters and flex fits, the casual hipster shirts and

2nd helping out a small town bar that’s locally owned get the level of business they aren’t going to normally. It’s important to remember we crashed and that we will all have to tip well and be patient as they won’t be prepared to serve so many of us.


Player Position RSVP NOTES
LyndsayCenter fieldAttendingBDAY GIRL
Private: Amanda RCatcherAttendingBDAY GIRL
Diana VestaPitcherAttending1 PAID
Bruce-Attending2 PAID emt
David AScore keeperAttending3 PAID
RielGoalieAttending4 PAID cash
HeatherForwardAttending5 PAID cash
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherAttending6 PAID cash
MillsCatcherAttending7 PAID emt
Claudia PTaxiAttending8 PAID emt
Private: Emilie L-Attending9 PAID emt
AlexanderShortstopAttending10 PAID cash
Sarah ZTaxiAttending11 PAID cash
Peter HPitcherAttending12 PAID emt
Victoria B-Attending13 PAID EMT
Sarah RoseCatcherAttending14 PAID emt
Brianna SCatcherAttending15 PAID EMT
Jen M-Attending16 PAID EMT
DrewFirst baseAttending17 PAID CASH
Laszlo Szabo-Attending18 pid emt *bri husband*
Joshua-Attending19 paid emt
Daryl Drew-Attending20 Paid emt
Marc Allain-Attending21 paid EMT
Dylan Cundell-Attending22 paid EMT
Chelsea L-Attending23 paid EMT *lynd friend
Michelle M-AttendingLyndsay's Friend
TianaThird baseAttending 
Russ-Cannot attend 
Anto F-Cannot attend 
Chewie (Ritcho Chu)-Cannot attend 
Bond P-Cannot attend 
Isabelle PFirst baseCannot attend 
Jake Miron-Cannot attend 
Private: Daniel Le GeytCenter fieldCannot attend 
Blake A-Cannot attend 


74 Fair Oaks Crescent, Nepean, ON K2G 4W3, Canada

5 comments to D.U.S.T.E.D Lyndsay Bday -Ottawa event

  • blank
    Daniel Le Geyt

    I’m trying to get Brad, Jesse, Billy, Julie, Elyse, Phil, and Kianna to come as well.

  • Krystle

    okay send your money to confirm your spot .

  • blank

    I will be bringing my friend. +1 please. (payment to follow)

  • Krystle

    Sarah can you get them on the site please! This will be our official guest list. 🙂

  • Jen McIntosh

    Josh and I both going. He forgets his login info

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