92 Isabelle P

<strong class="sp-player-number">92</strong> Isabelle P
Isabelle P
Past Teams
Fall Ball Tuesday, Softball Beer Babes, Softball Beer Eh, Softball Comp
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
How did you become a Bud
I played in the BBSL league 1 summer while in school. This woman was in charge or the beer tent and we both agreed that adding rules for woman in tournament is a bitch for actual good player. 3 months later, I received this facebook message to play fallball from a Krystle Awmack. Asked the entire league who the fuck was Krystle Awmack. No idea.. Still agreed to play since..well study vs. Softball... Yup. And we won A . 🙂
When and why did you start to play sports
Started playing softball when I was 13 since soccer got boring and the league got cancelled. But I started attending softball games when I was 2 since my parents are BIG players in my little place in this world.
What's your favorite moment as a Bud?
When we won Tuesday Comp A in 2 games in summer 2017. But also the X amount of party, rockfest and the friendships that comes with it.
Whats SBW for you?
A group of people who share similar interest and like to bring their passion and talent in sport to a new community level. And get drunk
Favorite movie
Thats a difficult one since im a movie fanatic. But Out Cold by %
Favorite show
Thata vague. TV show? Too many to count but those chick flick where nothing happens for the win. Broadway show? Carmen or Rock of Ages
In 2017 I would have said sports only. Now, I also like baking and building things.
Hidden talent
I can do crochet.
Go-to snack
Chips or chocolate bars.
Sunflower seed flavor
Not a fan of it. Sorry.
Favorite drink
In general: Labatt 50! For sports: yellow gatorade
Celebrity crush
DEFINETLY Mike Fisher.. minus the wife ..

Highlights: Absolutely instrumental in winning A championship in her mustache hat.

Quarantine 2020 Interview:

If you could go back to the dinner in Cuba what would you warn us (advice) about Pandemic?
Don’t listen to the government live your dream now or it will be shattered later.


What professional sport do you want back first?
Darts or poker


What pro athlete or celebrity would you wanna be Quarantined with?
Mike Fisher.
Might be in if he brought his wife cause it’s Carrie Underwood but probably not.


Proudest sports moment?
Last summer not playing fast pitch at all then coming back and helping the team win the finals against a team they haven’t beaten all year and qualifying for Provincials


Childhood sport idol?
Mike Fisher also future hospital best female athlete he still wins. Always Mike Fisher


What do you want to get back after pandemic?
probably sex. Gotta get the boyfriend back and then get sex back.


Since A final win any other events?
Got into car accident and watch a porn movie in the hospital (magic Mike not real porn) with a donated speaker courtesy of Frank that Krystle brought her.


If you were quarantined with one Bud, who would it be?
A single Pete Giles (if he didn’t have wife and kids).


How is it at the hospital?
Kinda dead and waiting for the wave to happen. Calm before the storm.


Quote of the interview: “As long as there is consent it’s ok”