Thank you – Staff Party


Date Time Competition Season
September 20, 2019 7:00 pm Events 2019

Extra details

630 pm: A team meeting will happen at 6:30 before this event

RSVP is invite only! YOU MUST rsvp to the committee meeting under team meetings AND/OR comment on THIS link what drink you prefer and confirmation you’re ATTENDING

Make sure to bring $5 Cash 



Theme will be #LookYourBest. Wear all team swag possible. Sweater and sweat pants if you have them, jersey hat also. Past themes have been “cowboy” & “SportsTable”.

This year the end of season party where we cash in points with the RA center will be giving priority to those who have contributed to SBW ensuring we were able to meet our yearly goals and objectives and kept Eric & I from doing everything ourselves.

It’s incredibly important to me to recognize the contributions of Buds and highlight their work and effort. I will be doing so on the website event now and leading up to the Thank You event. Please help me in thanking those who have by letting a captain know who contributed and how. Efforts are tracked in our Roles and Responsibility file on FaceBook group for SBW volunteers. 

I have provided ample opportunity for all Buds to get involved, I have begged & pleaded for assistance in person, on Facebook, on Instagram, in emails and on our website.

This is not to say those not helping/volunteering will not be invited or receive free food/drink but we simply do not guarantee it this year. Everyone is of course welcome to join and plan to pay their own tab unless otherwise indicated.


David AAttendingcoke
Blake AAttendingwater
Diana VestaAttendingice tea
Sarah ZAttendingBeer
Jake MironAttendingbeer
Claudia PAttendingIce tea n beer
CameronAttendingbeer or pitcher rum n coke
Private: Jonathan LevyAttendingRum n coke pitcher
BruceAttendingRum n coke pitcher
Captain (Eric Delisle)AttendingStrongBow
Dylan CundellAttendingFood & left over drinks lol
Frank DinardoAttendingBarking Squirrel
Kimberly GAttendingNot sure can attend.
Dyllan FernieAttending?
AnneAttendingpossibly dropping in after ice
JoshuaCannot attendno response deadline
Sarah RoseCannot attendno response deadline
Biju MathaiCannot attendno response deadline
Kelly HCannot attendno response deadline
JamieAttendingno response deadline
MartyCannot attend 
LyndsayCannot attend 
DrewCannot attend 
ThomasinaCannot attend 
Peter HCannot attend 
JustynCannot attend 
Private: PeterdactylAttendingNot invited by captain. Paying own drink/food, not part of thank you event.


RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

15 comments to Thank you – Staff Party

  • blank
    Bruce B-O

    Pitcher of rum and coke

  • Krystle


  • blank

    Can’t make it, got wedding shit to do.

  • blank
    Jonathan Levy

    Make that 2 pitchers of rum and coke please!

  • blank


  • blank
    Jake Miron


  • blank

    nix me for this too due to RA finals.

  • Krystle

    Marty , come after finals ?

  • blank


  • Alex Thomson


  • blank

    Iced tea :p hhahah prob beer if my head is better

  • Krystle

    Alex: ?

    Claudia: ill put you down for beer 😛

  • blank

    Beer (or Bruce’s rum and coke lol)

  • David Gordon

    Rum and coke

  • David Gordon

    Rum and coke.

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