14 Justyn

<strong class="sp-player-number">14</strong> Justyn
Past Teams
Ball Hockey, Fall Ball Tuesday, Softball Comp
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
How did you become a Bud
Introduced to SBW by Jith
When and why did you start to play sports
I started playing organized hockey and baseball at the age of 5. I learned to skate when I was 2 and practiced switch hitting a baseball bat when I was 4.
What's your favorite moment as a Bud?
Winning A-Div championship over Evil Empire 2 games to 0.
Whats SBW for you?
A random collective group of friends/athletes that are brought together by Krystle's tireless energy!
Favorite movie
Oceans 11
Favorite show
Breaking Bad
Sports, sports and more sports. Hanging with Amanda, family and friends. Puzzles. Stock Trading.
Hidden talent
Go-to snack
Crackers with Spicy Hummus
Sunflower seed flavor
Favorite drink
Scotty Scotch Scotch
Celebrity crush
Anna Kendrick

Nickname(s):  Justyn with a Y

Most likely position: SS

Wants to play: 1st base


  • Play of the season (tied with TBIL) infeild grand slam
  • Out of Park Homerun (2015)
  • Inside The Park Homerun (2015)
  • Most dependable lead off 8/10 (2015)
  • Bad Ass Base runners 13/19 (2015)
  • Golden Glove (2015)
  • Out of Park Homerun (2014)
  • Honourable mention for best on base with  0.733 (2014)
  • Most dependable lead off with an impressive 8/8 (2014)
  • Bad Ass base runner (2014) Pete and Justyn each had 13% of our runs followed next by Krystle at 9.8% (Tuesday)
  • Turned a double play (2014)
  • Player we wouldn’t say no to (2014)

Memorable Moments:

  • Justyn throwing the ball out of the park with Lawrie at BC
  • Justyn putting himself on time – out , you know why!
  • Infield Grand Slam (2014)
  • Justyn w/ a Y almost snagging a fly over the fence (2014)