Charity cottage slo pitch Softball tournament outside Ottawa


Date Time Competition Season
July 12, 2019 6:00 pm Events 2019

Extra details

Tournament info

First game: 11:45 am Saturday

Second game:  time pending but potentially 5 pm

Finals set for 7:15 pm

All proceeds support the Pembroke Kidney Walk and The Kidney Foundation of Canada. This is a slo pitch softball tournament that Suds, Buds & Windmills will be attending. It’s not located far from Ottawa but we will get cottages and make a weekend out of it.

2019 Don Sutherland Memorial Slo-Pitch Tournament – Rules 

SPN rules are being followed with the following exceptions 

  • One home run per inning – following home runs are out and dead ball 
  • Maximum five runs per inning 
  • Minimum of 4 girls on the field at all times 
  • Batting order – you can not bat more than 2 boys in a row – watch your start and end of your line up 
  • No tie games, last inning will be unlimited if necessary 
  • If a guy is walked and is followed by a girl, he is awarded second base and the following girl has the option to take first base or bat 
  • Points awarded for games won. 
  • Advancement to finals will be based on points, with tie breakers going to the +/- ratio 
  • If still tied names drawn from a hat – remember home team does not bat if winning at the bottom of their last inning – this can affect your +/- ratio. 
  • Home team determined by coin toss – your choice 
  • Lineups to ready 10 minutes before game time 
  • Arrive at your game 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time. 


  • Home team does not bat in last inning if winning – can affect runs for and runs against 
  • Once you cross the commitment line you must go home 
  • Do not touch home plate when running home. 
  • We donated to this slo pitch softball tournament. Please visit our Community Outreach page to see details.
  • We leave Ottawa as a team.

They are also doing a raffle of liquor to fund raise so if you have any bottles of alcohol you would like to donate to help them out please bring with you!


Friday dinner: Eric & David (before we arrive)
Saturday lunch: David Krystle & Lyndsay
lunch dessert: Biju, TJ & Claudia
Saturday Morning breakfast  Tiana Dallas & Aimee
Sunday Morning  breakfast Seb, Alex & Dylan


 * hot dogs available at any time if hungry*
Thursday Snack: 4 people*  Eric’s signature hot dogs w/ chips
-Veggie dogs available
Thursday Dinner 4 people*  meat on sale or Krave to bring from home, potatoes & salad

Friday Brunch 4 people* vegan pancakes and fruit

Menu when full team arrives

Friday Dinner 14+ people* Hot dogs, Chips, Coleslaw & veggies and dip (late snack cuz fri games)
– Veggie dogs available

Saturday Breakky 14+ people* Ham, cheese & kale croissants with coffee

Saturday Lunch 14+ people* Fresh summer salad Qunoi bowls & Strawberry Pretzel Yogurt dessert
choice of cheese, avocado, cauliflower, kale, asparagus, red pepper , zucchini , carrots, parsley and green beans with a middle eastern inspired sauce

Strawberry pretzel yogurt dessert

Saturday Dinner 14+ people Enchiladas & garlic bread
-No meat meal

Tortillas, cheese on top. Sauce: tomato sauce, tomato paste garlic and spices (paprika, garlic, onion powder, cumin, salt, oregano). Filling: corn, black beans, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, spices

Sunday Breakky 14+ people * design your own bagel to go with coffee
choice of PB, bananas, cream cheese and salmon

Sunday Lunch 14+ people *Left overs esp veggie trays and day at beach


Our softball team will be renting cabins as this is just outside ottawa.

Cottage address:
419 River Drive, Petawawa ON K8A 6W7

White pine rented Thursday 11th -Sunday 14th
Red Pine rented Friday 12th – Sunday 14th

Click here to check out the cabins! 

What to pack

  • All of your ball gear, SBW jersey, hat, sweater, sweats and WATER BOTTLE
  • BYOB
  • Toiletries & personal items
  • Bathingsuit & Towel
  • Sunscreen & Bugspray
  • two changes of clothing and something to sleep in

Team Packing (don’t bring)

  • All of the food, items to consume said food and coolers
  • Ice
  • 2 folding tables
  • Team bats


  1. Pam Vanderson Leaves Thursday with gear but we will all return for games Friday
  2. Tiana
  3. Dylan
  4. Biju
  5. Seb is taking his Bike but PamVan has space for him on way home


Softball fee : 25$ PP
Cabin fee: 80$ PP either cabin
Food fee: 25$PP in little cabin, 20$ PP in big cabin
Gas fee: 10$ pp
IF Extra money will go towards firewood & Receipts will be stuck to fridge of red cabin


Player Position RSVP NOTES
AimeeRoverAttendingPAID 115$
LyndsayCenter fieldAttendingPAID 135$
TianaFirst baseAttendingPAID 140$ (owed 5$)
Diana VestaShortstopAttendingPAID
Private: SebOutfield, TaxiAttendingPAID 135$
Dylan CundellThird baseAttendingPAID 135$ (owed 5$)
T J JessupInfield, TaxiAttendingPAID 90$ (owes 45$)
Claudia PCatcherAttendingPAID 135$
AlexanderSecond baseAttendingPAID 150$ (owed 10$)
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherAttendingPAID 100$ (owes 40$)
Biju MathaiRight fieldAttendingPAID 135$ (owed 10$)
Blake A-Attendingfreeloader
David AScore keeperAttendingPAID
Caroline L-Cannot attend 
Sonny Smith-Cannot attend 
MartyCenter fieldCannot attend 
MillsSecond baseCannot attend 
JustynShortstopCannot attend 
Private: Amanda RCatcherCannot attend 
Jamieson Clare-Cannot attend-
Adria-Cannot attend 

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    Amanda Mills

    So I won’t be able to take the Friday off work so I will just drive up after….also, do we not have games at the RA on the Friday night?!

  • Krystle

    I wrote the asking for games just sat and sun like we did for sketch ~ I’m putting you as a driver after Friday nights game which I’ll prob come back for lol

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