RA Bat Intentions Slo Pitch Softball Tournament in Ottawa


Date Time Competition Season
July 6, 2019 8:00 am Events 2019

Extra details

After two missed years the RA located in the heart of Ottawa is trying to run a slo pitch softball tournament again! This year we will  again try to put a team into this tournament. We have been listed in Pool B.

Pool B :

  • Blue Jays
  • Evil Empire
  • SBW Playball Buds
  • Team Cupcake
  • Weekend Warriors


10:15 am  SBW Playball Buds VS  Weekend Warriors (Visitors) Diamond #2

11:30am  SBW Playball Buds VS Blue Jays (Home) Diamond #4

12:30pm Diamond #1 Home Run Derby (Women)

1:00 pm Diamond #1 Home Run Derby (Men)

2:00pm SBW Playball Buds VS Team Cupcake (Visitors) Diamond  #2

Playoffs first 2 seed of pool of 5 move.

Semis at 4:30 pm Seed B1 at Diamond 3 (Home), Seed B2 at Diamond 4 (Visitors)

Finals 6:00 PM Diamond 3


1. The rules of play shall be those as outlined in the current edition of the Softball Canada rule
book except where stated in these rules.

1) RA House Rules for all applicable sports apply except where stated differently here.

2. Eligibility of teams is determined by the tournament committee and its decision is final Only those players already cleared to play in the RA League and/or those who are approved by
the Tournament Committee, are eligible to play.

*** No player may play for MORE THAN ONE TEAM in the tournament. (Exceptions may
be allowed with Tournament Management’s approval).

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse any player or team entry into the
tournament. Teams discovered using a player deemed ineligible shall automatically forfeit the
game(s) in which the player(s) participated.
Teams may sign a maximum of fifteen (15) players and all players must sign the roster
before playing.

Eligibility for Finals:

Only those players listed on the official roster are eligible to play in the tournament. All players
must have played in one of the preliminary round games to be eligible to play any further
game(s) i.e. Semi-finals or Finals.

More rules, these aren’t very organized…

3. Team Managers must report to Tournament Headquarters (outside patio) prior to the start of the
tournament. Game balls can be picked up from the tournament headquarters.

4. The score sheet must accurately detail the players playing, and be completed at least five
minutes prior to the start of each game. Random ID checks may take place. Players unable to
prove their authenticity may be suspended from play. Have your ID available!!
BOTH TEAMS are required to keep score & turn in their respective score sheets at
headquarters after the game.

5. Should a team default in Softball, the winning team will be awarded two points for the victory
with a 15 – 0 score.

6. No infields will be permitted in Softball.

7. Teams will be allowed a maximum ten (10) minutes grace beginning at the scheduled time of
the game.

More rules, these aren’t very organized…

8. TIME LIMIT – there will be a time limit of 60 minutes for each round robin game, (in all
divisions), and games will be played out to determine a winner). In the case of a tie after 60
minutes, all additional innings will be played using the international tie breaking rule until a
winner is declared. The last player out the previous inning shall start on second.

This runner can be substituted for in accordance with regular substitution rules. After two extra are played if a winner has not been determined game will be declared a tie. For semifinal games teams will play 5 innings regardless of time. If tied after 5 innings we will use the above mentioned international tie breaking rule.

More rules, these aren’t very organized…

For Championship game teams will play a full 7 innings regardless of time. If tied after 7
innings we will use the above mentioned international tie breaking rule.
Teams are encouraged to synchronize their watches with the plate umpire prior to the
start of the game.

9. If play is suspended due to inclement weather, the game shall resume from the point at which it
was called. Scheduled game times are subject to change if necessary due to unforeseen

10. Any player ejected from any tournament game shall be subject to suspension for the
balance of the tournament. RA League participants could be subject to additional League
suspension, should the severity of the incident warrant.

*** The MERCY RULES and Time Limit will NOT apply to the FINALS.

11. Mercy Rules – Any team leading by 20 runs after 5 innings shall be declared the winner by

12. Tie Breaker Formula (Round Robin Divisions)In the event of a “TIE” in the standings at the completion of the preliminary round, thefollowing tie breaker formula will be used:

1) most wins
2) least losses
3) head-to-head between tied teams, if possible (2 way tie)
4) RF, divided by RF + RA average. The team(s) with the higher average advance
5) least runs against
6) most runs for
7) OTHER (Tournament committee reserves the right to determine additional tiebreakers
NOTES: Where the tie breaker formula eliminates one team from a three way tie situation, the
remaining two teams shall be determined by their record against, if possible, (thus reverting
back to #3 above).
The tournament Committee reserves the right to schedule a “tie-breaker game”, if a tie cannot
be broken with the above criteria.


The Slo Pitch Division will follow the rules which apply to the RA Slo Pitch League with the
following exceptions:The lending of players is not permitted.
14. Umpires decisions will be final. Protests will be resolved by the Tournament Committee. All
protests must be accompanied by a $150.00 bond, which will be refunded should the protest be
upheld. Protests of judgement calls will not be accepted.
15. The interpretation and application of the above rules is the responsibility of the Tournament
Committee. The Committee also reserves the right to seed / shuffle teams in order to balance the


Player Position RSVP NOTES
Private: Daniel Le GeytCenter fieldAttendingPaid
Private: Julie WFirst baseAttendingPaid
Diana VestaCatcherAttendingPaid
Captain (Eric Delisle)Second baseAttendingPaid P first innings
Kimberly GPitcherAttendingPaid
AlexanderTaxiAttendingPaid - Paul takes ss
MohawkThird baseAttendingPaid
Phil ThomsonLeft fieldAttendingPaid
Private: LyndsayRoverAttendingPaid
JustynShortstopCannot attend 
PeteLeft fieldCannot attend 
MartyCenter fieldCannot attend 
Dylan Cundell-Cannot attend 
Private: Matt VilleneuveShortstopCannot attend 
Michelle O’DThird baseCannot attend 


RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

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