Us vs Them


Date Time Competition Season
September 8, 2017 7:30 pm Softball Beer Eh 2017

Extra details

  1. Marie France
  2. Sarah Z
  3. 3 Lauren
  4. ss Krystle
  5. Chelsea / Mel?
  6. bc Sarah Rose
  7. lf Tracy
  8. rf Lyndsay with a y
  9. cf isabelle’s friend
  10. rover claud
  11. Taxi Isabelle

Mens team : Will adjust depending on who shows up!

  • Mike
  • 2 Alex
  • 3 Kevin
  • ss FTG
  • Eric
  • bc Jacob
  • lf Marty
  • rf Eric G
  • cf  Bells
  • rover  Jamie
  • Taxi Jesse Paul


Softball Beer Eh

Player Position RSVP NOTES
Private: Adam “Melon” B.-Out 
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherIn 
Sarah ZSecond baseIn 
Diana VestaPitcherIn 
Mike LieffFirst baseIn 
MartyCenter fieldIn 
Private: LyndsayTaxiIn 
Peter HPitcherOut 
Marie EveCatcherOut 
Private: Jesse FInfieldIn 
TracySecond baseIn 
Sarah RoseCatcherIn 
Lawrie (Mark Laurin)ShortstopOut 
Private: Eric GCenter fieldIn 
Jacob LewreyInfieldIn 


RA – D4
RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

8 comments to Us vs Them

  • blank
    Daniel Le Geyt

    I have a playoff game at 8pm and I’ll have Ava.
    Might be down to hangout afterwards if Ava has accomodations 😛

  • Krystle

    hummm, Blake should be out for a bit and then we would head to my place or RA patio, so def could do that, have a playpen too….

  • Chelsey Potvin

    Can I play 1B for us vs them?

  • blank
    Marty Villeneuve

    Hopefully men’s playoffs don’t conflict with this game.

  • Krystle

    If you can find me a pitcher , yessssssss. Anyone?

  • Krystle

    BUT who is more important…

  • blank
    Bruce Ouellette

    Will be abit late

  • Mike Layes

    Will be there with my gear if needed

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