67 Jacob Lewrey

<strong class="sp-player-number">67</strong> Jacob Lewrey
Jacob Lewrey
Past Teams
Ball Hockey, Softball Rec
When and why did you start to play sports
I started playing hockey when i was at the age of 3, at first it was for fun to just get out and meet new people but through out the years it ended up saving my life.
What's your favorite moment as a Bud?
I've had many great moments through out the years, but i'd have to say the ice hockey get togethers are my favourite due to everyone just letting lose and having fun
Whats SBW for you?
SBW to me is a family, with all the events and sporting teams there are everyone helps each other out.
Favorite movie
That's a tough one lol i'd have to say the Rocky movies
writing poetry & short stories
Go-to snack
go to snack would be roasted red pepper hummus and veggie thin crackers.
Favorite drink
Non alcoholic drink would be Gatorade: the new purple Frost
If you could be a superhero.. who would you be and why?
Captain Canuck, why because his skills are increased agility and skills that are at Olympic levels
Time where you were proud of your teammates
Last year when i tore my PCL during the ball hockey season, everyone helped me out the remainder of the game and through out the season kept my spirits up when i couldn't perform the same due to having a full leg brace

Sketch Camping softball tournament 2016, Jacob playing vs SBW’s completely ran Krystle over at 2nd but caught her as tho’ they were doing a waltz , caught in a dip she was a little off guard …

Krystle realized he was a decent hockey player so kidnapped him for ball hockey.

  • The rest is history. He’s now a Part-time Bud in sport and a Full-Time Bud at heart.