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August 18, 2018 8:00 am Events 2018

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35$ Sent to Alex@SudsBudsWindmills.com

SCREWBALL!! What the hell is that you might ask? Well people at the RA thought they weren’t going to have a tournament, they said so in captains meeting. Apparently they were still told they are going to try to get this together so a bunch of people sat down to discuss who the hell NOT to get enough teams to have to host this thing and this is what they came up with!

(This is the writer’s opinion and in no way represents the sentiments of the SBW empire, it’s owner or it’s employees [captains and players])

That being said check the rules bellow carefully cause it’s actually screwed in the head! And for that reason it sounds like fun and so we are in!




One day only – Saturday, August 18, 8:30am – 6:00pm

$350.00 / team; or $40.00 / person; 3-game guarantee. The RA will place individuals to form a team.

Championship prizes to be won

Other fun games available to be played

Free pool pass for all for the day.

Free hot dog and soft drink per player


Minimum 3 females, and 3 males required. Teams can play 7 males, 3 females – (At no time can any more than two males bat back to back).

*Players aged 15 and up are allowed. *Must have parent/legal guardian consent; and cannot participate in the boat race – no exceptions!

Home team decided by coin flip at home plate meeting prior to each game.

One HR per inning. All other HR = automatic out

Games are 5 innings or 1 hour in length, whichever comes first.

**If time expires before the inning being played / Home team gets their last at-bat, the score will revert back to the previous completed inning.

***If the Home team is winning after 4.5innings, they do not play-out the bottom of the 5th inning.

Ties in the overall standings will be broken by: ‘Boat race’. One male and one female per team. The RA will supply free Coca Cola (Coke) to drink. (*If players would prefer to drink beer, they may, but they must self-purchase the beverage because the RA cannot mandate the drinking of alcohol).

Game play:

1st inning: Regular slo pitch rules apply. Max. runs allowed = 5

2nd inning: Lefties up! – All batters must bat from the left-side of the plate. Max. runs allowed = 5.

3rd inning: Do it Right! – All batters must bat from the right-side of the plate. Max. runs allowed = 5

4th inning: Put it in reverse! – Runners must run the bases in reverse order, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, Home. Max. runs allowed = 5

5th inning: DIY! – All batters must toss the ball to themselves. Max. three tosses only. Max. runs allowed = 5

If the game is tied after 5 innings / 1 hour:

Tiebreaker Trivia – Girls, bring him home! – Male runner starts at 1st. Girls are asked a trivia question, maximum three questions. Correct answer advances the runner. Incorrect answer is an out. Teammates assist, it’s an out. Three outs only! Each team gets to try and score a run. If still tied, repeat.

Trivia questions can be any subject. The League/Umpire reserves the right to ask anything!

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ONLY: Championship game is 7 innings. Same rules #1 – # 5, plus…

6th inning: Extra, extra! – The team with the most extra-base hits in the inning receives a single bonus run. Runs allowed? As many as you can score under these conditions.

Max. runs allowed = As many as you can score under these conditions.

7th inning: Ur Choice – Teams can alter their batting order to anything they want. All batters must bat, one at-bat each, and one at-bat only. Once all batters have batted, their half of the inning is over. *If one team has more batters than the other, the team with the lesser number of batters gets as many extra at-bats to equal the opposing teams’ number of batters. Batters must bat in order – no altering the batting order for the ‘extra’ batters.

Tiebreaker: (A) One pitch! Batters only get one pitch. You pitch to your own team.

If still tied…

(B) Hit the Relay! – Starting in RF, via throwing the ball, both teams must relay the ball to each position, in order, RF to CF to LF to Rover to 3B to 2B to 1B to Pitcher to Catcher.

The team that does it quickest, wins!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Player Position RSVP NOTES
Diana VestaSecond baseAttendingPAID
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherAttendingPAID
TianaFirst baseAttendingPAID
MartyLeft fieldAttendingPAID
Peter HPitcher, Third baseAttendingPAID
Isabelle PRight fieldAttendingPAID
Michelle PCatcherAttendingPAID
Bruce-Cannot attend 
Julie W-Cannot attend 
Jessica M-Cannot attend 
Phil ThomsonOutfieldCannot attend 
Jessica Bern-Cannot attendonly if traditional


RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

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