Fall Ball PlayOff – Finals *Saturday*


Date Time Competition Season
October 15, 2022 12:00 pm Fall Ball Thursday 2022

Extra details

We play our first game at 12 pm against Joe Buck yourself. Finals at 3 pm

Fall Ball Thursday

Player Position RSVP NOTES
Dylan CundellTaxiInmight be late, if his men's team scrubs out avail for 3pm
Diana VestaCatcherIn 
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherIn 
Isabelle PFirst baseActivated Able to spare 
Alison MacDonaldSecond baseActivated Able to spare 
Rich laroseShortstopIn 
Juice15Third baseActivated Able to sparecan only play 3rd
Eric AndersonRight fieldIn 
Alexandra CRoverIn 
Andrew HiscockCenter fieldIn 
Zakary FarmerLeft fieldActivated Able to spare 
Kim P-Out 
Caroline L-Out 
Casey D-Out 
Mfisher-Unable to spare 
Claudia PTaxiUnable to spare 
Crystal S-Unable to spare 
Diane-Unable to spare 
Corina Clouthier-Unable to spare 
PunkyRebel-Unable to spare 
BrienneM-Unable to spare 
Kelly A-Unable to spare 
Sonny Smith-Unable to spare 
Amata-Unable to spare 
Dryden W-Unable to spare 
Stephanie Bigras-Unable to spare 
Michelle O’DThird baseUnable to spare 
DupeFirst baseUnable to spare 
Bells (Marc Bélisle)Center fieldUnable to spare 
Yves lanthier-Unable to spare 
Anne-Unable to spare 
Jennifer W-Unable to spare 
Adria-Unable to spare 
TianaFirst baseUnable to spare 
MCOutfieldUnable to spare 
FTG-Unable to spareasked
CameronShortstopUnable to spare 
Jamie-Unable to spareLock


Dumaurier west
Dumaurier Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2B 7W3, Canada

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