Ski/Board, Beer and Whiskey Nights


Date Time Competition
January 25, 2019 6:00 pm Ski

Extra details

Come and get active with us on SBW first ski trips! We planed 3 differents nights to discover the local ski hill with you guys : Mont Cascades, Ski Edelweiss and Mont Vorlage. 
For the first night: Mont Cascades close to Gatineau on January 25, 2019! Friday nights are 2 for 1 so around 20-25$ each. (The more we are the bigger the discount! ) 
Planning on leaving from Krystle’s house around 6h00-6h30 for a night full of fun! Please contact Isabelle or Bruce if you’re interested so we can take the less car possible.


Private: Bond PAttending 
Isabelle PAttending 
Diana VestaAttending 
Private: LyndsayAttending 

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