SBW Friday 3-Pitch vs Sons of Pitches (V)




Date Time Competition Season
August 13, 2021 6:30 pm Friday 3 Pitch 2021

Extra details

Please make sure to follow the SBW Covid-19 protocol before each game.


Life sized Jenga after the game.

Friday 3 Pitch

Player Position RSVP NOTES
DupeFirst baseIn 
Diana VestaSecond baseIn 
Rich laroseShortstopActivated Able to spare 
JessicaThird baseIn 
AlexanderRight fieldIn 
Jake MironLeft fieldIn 
Captain (Eric Delisle)Center fieldIn 
KristenRoverActivated Able to spare 
JuliaHubertRoverActivated Able to spare 
DalinaScore keeperIn 
Andrew Hiscock-Able to spare 
Simon D-Out 
Stephanie Bigras-Out 
Erin Massia-Out 
Kelly A-Unable to spare 
Alanna Ritchie-Unable to spare 
Nadia Chakra R-Unable to spare 
Anne-Unable to spare 
Aimee-Unable to spare 
Tiana-Unable to spare 
Kelly D-Unable to spare 
Melanie Cater-Unable to spare 
Samantha C-Unable to spare 
Isabelle P-Unable to spare 
CrystalLake-Unable to spare 
Ashley-Unable to spare 
Laura-Unable to spare 
Tracy-Unable to spare 
Julie MTaxiUnable to spare 
Alyssa L-Unable to spare 
Alexandra C-Unable to spare 
Sophie D-Unable to spare 
Bells (Marc Bélisle)-Unable to spare 
Toan-Unable to spare 
MartyCenter fieldUnable to spare 
BetterThanPhil (Liam Patrick)-Unable to spare 
Phil ThomsonOutfieldUnable to spare 


Nepean Sportsplex
Woodroffe Ave, Nepean, ON K2G 0C4, Canada

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