NYE Sushi 2019 an Ottawa Event


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December 31, 2019 2:00 pm Events

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What started out as just something to do when we got let out of work a little early on the eve of a New Year has warped into an inclusive yearly event. Ottawa sport players, softball, volleyball, ball hockey & futsal alike are invited to take part in stuffing your face with all of the sushi! Fill your tummies before a night out and big count down!

As with everything we do, or anyone does, please ensure you understand a proper RSVP. We are a large group, even our core is often 10 people, Krave’s growing family is 40% of that but still ! Etiquette in 2019 should not be lost, simply, visit the page, read what it says then click the giant green or red buttons! Are you in or out?

Krystle will reserve a section for us! Blake will place the first order! Eric and David will eat everything that’s on the menu not sushi. Good times shall be had.


Diana VestaAttending 
David AAttending 
Private: Jonathan LevyCannot attend 
Cindy puddicombeCannot attend 
Kelly HCannot attend 
DrewCannot attend 
Dyllan FernieCannot attend 
Kelsey OAttending 
Claudia PCannot attend 
Captain (Eric Delisle)Cannot attend 
Blake AAttending 


Sushi kan
1280a Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 0A9, Canada

3 comments to NYE Sushi 2019 an Ottawa Event

  • Alex Thomson

    Might be late but I’ll meet you guys at some point

  • Fernie

    On the fence still.
    Will let you know.

  • blank
    Eric Delisle

    Not sure when I will be off work.

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