Game 9 Thursday VS Fifth Base (A)




Date Time Competition Season
September 2, 2021 6:30 pm ONSPL Thursday 2021

Extra details

Please make sure to follow the SBW Covid-19 protocol before each game.

ONSPL Thursday

Player Position RSVP NOTES
Diana VestaTaxiIn 
Nadia Chakra RCatcherIn 
Michelle O’DThird baseIn 
Dylan CundellSecond baseIn 
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherIn 
Rich laroseShortstopIn 
PeteLeft fieldIn 
Jeff StantonCenter fieldIn 
Eric PFirst baseActivated Able to spare 
MillsScore keeperActivated Able to sparecontact tracing
Dupe-Able to spare 
Andrew Hiscock-Able to spare 
Norm L-Able to spare 
AnneInfieldOutWaiting test
Heather-Unable to spare 
Alanna Ritchie-Unable to spare 
Dan Boulangerd-Unable to spare 
Alyssa Boivin-Unable to spare 
Kyle F-Unable to spare 
Stephanie Bigras-Unable to spare 
Jotho25-Unable to spare 
Phil ThomsonCenter fieldUnable to sparehalf game
Laura WTaxiUnable to spare 
Maxime castellon-Unable to spare 
Samantha C-Unable to spare 
Jessica Bern-Unable to spare 


Carlington Park #2
Carlington Park Baseball Field #2, Clyde Ave., Ottawa, ON K1Z 5A6, Canada

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    Might come watch but being a responsible adult and letting my back heal cause it seems to be 10x worse since I played last week LOL

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