Game 6 vs No ReGretzkies




Date Time Competition Season
October 20, 2019 5:00 pm Ballhockey 2019 Fall

Extra details

Kelly’s birthday – Eric on desserts

Ball Hockey

Player Position RSVP NOTES
Sarah ZDefenseInD - Eric, Sarah
Bond PForwardInF - Levi, Bond
Claudia PDefenseInD - Bells, Claudia
Private: Jonathan LevyForwardInF - Levi, Bond
Jake MironForwardInF - Jake, Heather
Kelly HForwardInF - Kyle, Kelly
Bells (Marc Bélisle)DefenseInD - Bells, Claudia
HeatherForwardInF - Jake, Heather
Captain (Eric Delisle)DefenseInD - Eric, Sarah
Kyle kennedy-Activated Able to spareF - Kyle, Kelly
Diana VestaPitcherUnable to spare 
Wes Newlove-Unable to spare 
Zachary cundell-Able to spare 
AlexanderThird baseAble to spare 
Dylan Cundell-Unable to spare 
Bruce-Unable to spare 


Saint-Joseph d'Orléans
6664 Carrière St, Orléans, ON K1C, Canada

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    Kelly Hall

    Come celebrate with meeeeeeee!

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