Game 12 – Eh vs Grimreapers (H)


1 Inning 36
2 Inning 03
3 Inning 25
4 Inning 73
5 Inning 01
Final score 1218


Date Time Competition Season
August 9, 2019 6:30 pm Softball Beer Eh 2019

Extra details

Early game again so that means we take the team for drinks on the patio! Everyone please come out and support and have some fun telling stories. only a couple weeks left to go in the season!

Check out the facebook event here

Softball Beer Eh

Player Position RSVP NOTES
MartyCenter fieldActivated Able to spare 
FTGShortstopActivated Able to spare 
Zachary cundellTaxiActivated Able to spare 
AdriaTaxiActivated Able to spareWorld Domination
Kimberly GPitcherIn 
AlexanderThird baseIn 
JP PilonTaxiIn 
Bells (Marc Bélisle)Left fieldIn 
Sarah ZSecond baseIn 
TianaFirst baseIn 
Jamieson ClareRight fieldIn 
Claudia P-Unable to spare 
Krystle-OutBuilding a baby bahhh
Private: Amanda R-Out 
Captain (Eric Delisle)-OutRec needs P
Private: Peterdactyl-Out* indicated out , was replaced , then changed..*
Laura WTaxiUnable to spare 
Kianna mau-Unable to spare 


RA – D4
RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

3 comments to Game 12 – Eh vs Grimreapers (H)

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    K confused how to spare lol

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    Hey Leebo, nice photo!!!!

    For this game, if you read under the RSVP note it says “As the game is still 12 days away, please return at the proper time to RSVP.” , the long weekend we have no game so this is over two weeks away.

    You can always indicate cant spare or out (if fulltime) for any game but in order to RSVP in or can spare you must be within 12 days of the game.. ALL games have a cut off of NOON before the game day. This keeps the in/out to reasonable and it’s a pretty big window!

    Thank you for registering hoping we can get you out 🙂

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    Daniel Le Geyt

    I can spare if my Navan Games are later in the evening.

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