Game 1 – Eh vs Bate Island Strikers (H) *CANCELLED*

Game 1 – Eh vs Bate Island Strikers (H) *CANCELLED*


Date Time Competition Season
May 10, 2019 Canceled Softball Beer Eh 2019

Extra details

RA has Cancelled the first game and will be made up at the end of the season.

Softball Beer Eh

Player Position RSVP NOTES
Kimberly GPitcherIn 
Jamieson ClareCenter fieldIn 
Diana VestaShortstopIn 
AlexanderThird baseIn 
Private: Amanda RRoverIn 
Private: JP PilonTaxiIninfield taxi BC twice
Captain (Eric Delisle)CatcherInP one
TianaFirst baseIn 
Marty PomerleauCatcherOut 
Private: PeterdactylRight fieldIn 
Isabelle PFirst baseAble to spare 
MartyCenter fieldAble to spare 
Greg DongTaxiActivated Able to spareoutfield taxi
Private: Kim Brenda-Able to spare 


RA – D2
RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

5 comments to Game 1 – Eh vs Bate Island Strikers (H) *CANCELLED*

  • blank
    Tiana Richer

    third base?! 😉

  • blank
    Eric Delisle

    I’m still trying to fix a few things

  • Krystle

    Haha yeha that’s your default mines pitcher, Eric is going to update soon

  • blank
    Jamieson Clare

    Out field.?!

  • Krystle

    Dude.., I have you spotted for CF on our A team.,, all I need is outfield , I have way too many ppl who want infield please tell me you’re CF

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