Fire Fighter Maze Team Bonding


Date Time Competition Season
December 16, 2018 1:00 pm Events 2018 Fall

Extra details

We are going to do the training maze for fire fighters!

Ball Hockey

Sarah ZAttending 
Private: Emilie LAttending 
Claudia PAttendingavocados
Jake MironAttending 
Kelly HAttending 
Captain (Eric Delisle)Attending 
Diana VestaAttending 
Bells (Marc Bélisle)Attending 
Baby Alex (Alex Paquette)Attendingwraps
HeatherCannot attend 
RielCannot attend???
Dylan CundellAttending 
Kaitlanne BAttending 
David AAttending 


Firefighter training center
898 Industrial Ave, Ottawa, ON K1G 3Y8

5 comments to Fire Fighter Maze Team Bonding

  • blank

    Bicycle Craft Brewery is near the firefighter training center, we could get a beer there after maybe? 😉

  • Krystle

    Hey, if you recommend it , ya! Let’s do it, do they have food?

  • blank

    Never been there but I’m curious to try their beers, I don’t see any food menu on their website though 🙁

  • Krystle

    I wrote them and CC’d you. We are going to go, they said we can bring our own food.

  • blank

    Can’t go to the challenge but I’ll go to the bar after for a bit

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