Alexander’s Bday Ottawa event


Date Time Competition Season
April 7, 2018 7:00 pm Events 2018

Extra details

Suds, Buds and Windmills is hosting an Ottawa Birthday Party For Alexander. All players from all teams , softball, ball hockey, futsal and volleyball are invited. Softball summer teams are highly encouraged to attend and practice! Be tournament ready!

The event starts at Jack Astor’s in Ottawa ON at 7pm and then moves to Dingerz also in Ottawa for 10pm.

30$ a person for Dingerz! Don’t forget and don’t be late to Dingerz and get locked out!

Please Leave a comment saying dinner batting or both and we will add it to the notes

WEAR: SBW ‘s gear! We are going to be taking a lot of team photos , profile photos ect.


Player Position RSVP NOTES
Private: Bond P-Cannot attend 
Private: Amanda H-Attending 
Private: Julie W-Attending 
Chelsey-Cannot attend 
Michelle PThird baseCannot attend 
Dyllan Fernie-Attending 
Norm L-Attending 
Toan Trinh-Cannot attend 
Private: Stephanie B-Attending 
Liam Lepage-Attending 
Sarah ZTaxiAttending 
PeteLeft fieldAttending 
Diana VestaPitcherAttending 
KatiaSecond baseAttending 
David AScore keeperAttending 
Blake A-Attending 
Peter HPitcherAttending 
Private: Bryan R-Attending 
TracySecond baseAttending 
Mike LieffFirst baseAttending 
Private: Daniel Le GeytCenter fieldCannot attend 
MartyCenter fieldAttending 
Private: LyndsayTaxiAttending 
Private: Lindsay L-Cannot attend 
Private: Jake Miron-Cannot attend 
Private: Curtis82-Cannot attend 
Private: Eric GCenter fieldCannot attend 


Jack Astor's
425 Marché Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5H6, Canada

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    Amanda Mills

    bringing my buddy Marc Allain! we are both in for dinner and Dingerz!

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    Katia Charlebois


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