COVID-19 Summer 2020 sports

COVID-19 Summer 2020 sports

Currently with the impact of COVID-19 there is much of the summer is uncertainty in the air for the 2020 sports season. We can only hope everyone is safe and doing all they can help. We are all very much looking forward to the time where we can have a beer with our Buds.


*June 4th*

Starting next Saturday full time players can get in contact with Krystle to set up a social distance captain date while physical distancing & pick up their individual mask and hand sanitizer provided by the team. Players are asked to schedule ahead . Bring their own chairs/food and drink.

If a Bud wants a mask 😷 or hand sanitizer and they are not full time on a summer team, they can also request.
Please check out this video for how to properly wear a non medical face mask to help limit the spread of COVID-19

Everyone is reminded to read the website and contribute.

Its up to the individual person to wear their mask, wash their mask and re fill their hand sanitizer. Please read Public Health updates .

*Update May 27th*

Softball: The RA Centre sent out an e-mail May 27th to team captains to confirm they want to play in an upcoming season. No hard details were given. They were looking to confirm teams playing in hopes to having a schedule ready to get a season started as soon as they are allowed by the province.

Certain game modifications might be required to follow provincial and municipal health guide lines and those dictated by Softball Canada. What those are we are not sure yet.

We are currently finishing the rosters for the 2020 softball season. The kick off summer BBQ will be TBD and will planned for when it is safe to be held.

If however the circumstances dictate that the season is cancelled we would refund our players.

Team funds will be looking into purchasing a mask & travel bottle of Purell for each full time player.
Players will then be responsible for washing their masks and refilling their Purell containers.
Please order hand sanitizer now O’Kenny Craft Spirits and other places too , Krystle ordered from here, these places are local and supporting front line workers .
We will be doing this regardless of the RA Centre plans for softball and volleyball because we will be organizing small meet ups that are within the rules and recommendations and want our Buds staying safe.

Volleyball: We are hopeful that the summer volleyball season will also run.  Much like for softball, if the summer seasons was cancelled we would refund our players!

As always people looking for more games should indicate “can spare” for games they can spare for.

Ballhockey: HTBHL was quick to act and follow recommendation to suspended the spring season. At this time we anticipate the season will not continue.

This too shall pass , let’s beat COVID-19

There is no offseason when you’re a Bud. The Government of Canada and World Health Organization has asked that we physically distance. During this time stay social, stay connected with your team. Check out the daily challenges to stay productive or help out. Join the team in watching a movie together. Feel the desperate need to get out? Then volunteer! We have all the details Here

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