COVID-19 Ottawa Summer 2020 sports

COVID-19 Ottawa Summer 2020 sports


*July 17th*

Sadly, we’ve had to cancel our Four Fun softball tournament this year but we certainly hope to see you next year at High Five! If you’d like to get some games in this season check out our exhibition/pick up games schedule. Make sure to read the health and safety rules so everyone can enjoy themselves while also staying safe. If you aren’t comfortable coming out to public gatherings check out our Pandemic page for a physically distanced movie night or remote games night.

*June 11th*

Unfortunately the RA has informed us today that they have made the decision to cancel the summer sports season. We are hoping to get refunds of our deposits from the RA in 4 weeks time, but we will proceed as promised to refund all of our players starting now and we hope to have this all sorted out over the new few days. You might need to contact a captain ( or will be contacted by a captain for a suitable e-mail address to return your e-transfers if we don’t have one already.

*June 4th*

Starting next Saturday full time players can get in contact with Krystle to set up a social distance captain date while physical distancing & pick up their individual mask and hand sanitizer provided by the team. Players are asked to schedule ahead . Bring their own chairs/food and drink.

If a Bud wants a mask ? or hand sanitizer and they are not full time on a summer team, they can also request.
Please check out this video for how to properly wear a non medical face mask to help limit the spread of COVID-19

Everyone is reminded to read the website and contribute.

Its up to the individual person to wear their mask, wash their mask and re fill their hand sanitizer. Please read Public Health updates .


This too shall pass , let’s beat COVID-19

There is no offseason when you’re a Bud. The Government of Canada and World Health Organization has asked that we physically distance. During this time stay social, stay connected with your team. Check out the daily challenges to stay productive or help out. Join the team in watching a movie together. Feel the desperate need to get out? Then volunteer! We have all the details¬†Here

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    Frank Dinardo

    Just wanted to mention to all Buds that I have in stock Louisville Slugger bats and gloves as well as DeMarini and Wilson … I have Special pricing on 2019 models… 2020’s are also in stock. Every size and weighting 12″, 13″, 14″, Balanced, Powerload and Endload 25oz to 30oz models available… or 613-596-0007….

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