High Five


The 2021 edition of SBW Tournament!

We recognize, remember and value those who have been with us from the start. A special discounted rate will be offered to the teams that supported us as well as spots held for returning teams.


We aren’t a team and we aint a league. We are something you have never seen. We ask for a deposit then full payment before the event in order to ensure the best possible event. No one pays for Fall Frolic on game day. We are committed to running the best event possible. For example: 3$ beers, proper sized hamburgers not the cheapest sold at Costco then re sold for 5 bucks, brand new game ball every game, carded umpires & schedule released asap. In order to do so , we need to ensure all payments are received and that all teams are secured.


One day only!
North Gower
Rec. Co-ed, 6/4 , rotating batters.
ACCEPTING 10 teams

– Umpired
– NSA prizing



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1st place for A Division :

Runner up for A division:

1st place for B division: 

Runner up for B division: