Why Play this tournament? 

The 2021 2022 edition of SBW Tournament! We recognize, remember and value those who have been with us from the start. A special discounted rate will be offered to the teams that supported us as well as spots held for returning teams.

  • Our tournaments are always very organized!
  • New game balls
  • Reasonably priced food, drink & team fee *
  • Umpired games including the round robin
  • Only 8 teams
  • A shuttle bus*
  • One day only and two divisions for final
  • Ask the teams & players who have played prior to see for yourself! 

    *Subject to changed based on covid-19 restrictions and ticket sales



We require full payment from each team before the tournament day. We require a deposit from each team before or on June 5th 2022 then full payment no later then one week prior. No exceptions
50$ Deposit
450$ New team
400$ Returning team

Returning teams have a spot held until the May Kick off BBQ (May 27th 2022) and must pay 50$ deposit to secure their spot.
After that any other team wishing to have a spot can claim one with 50$ deposits due by June 5th, 2022.
FULL payment is require my Canada Day (July 1st, 2022).


One day only
Rec. Co-ed, 6/4 , rotating batters



  1. Tomahaws – Shelly
  2. Jager bombs – Jason Bond
  3. The Saints -Phil Thom
  4.  – Angie R
  5. -Melissa Watson
  6. X
  7. X
  8. X
  9. x






A division

  • 1st place
  • 2nd place

B Division

  • 1st place 12 custom sweaters in the sizes , colours and logo of your choice.
  • 2nd place 12 custom tshirts in the sizes , colours and logo of your choice.

Check out our sponsor who will be on site to talk about options for ordering your team custom attire!