Staying Social & Physical Distancing – COVID-19

Staying Social & Physical Distancing – COVID-19

Physical Distance with Suds, Buds & Windmills, the team you know and love has no off-season. We understand that this is a difficult time. While we wait to play sports, especially softball in Ottawa we have to stay away from one another and follow the recommendations of Ottawa Public Health which is Physical Distancing during this pandemic. Let’s beat Corona! Let’s beat COVID-19! It’s not social distancing , it’s physical distancing, we are all in this together.

Summer sports is looking to open once public health allows. Please check out our COVID-19 Summer 2020 sports to find updates on our action plan

Stay connected, be social all awhile staying home. If you have a suggestion for a daily challenge comment! Same with movies! If you’re wondering about summer sports see our response here.

Things you can do to help the team from home during physical distancing:

We’ve changed from daily challenges to a list of things you can do to help us right from your couch or favourite chair.

  1. Ask a captain how you can help
  2. Upload a photo to old post games*
  3. Follow us on social media, FaceBook and Instagram, and like our posts
  4. EDIT YOUR PROFILE: top right corner, hover over your name and click edit my profile. Answer the questions found on the page and make sure to add a picture in team swag
  5. Order team merch for yourself, friends or family
  6. Google “Ottawa softball” “Ottawa ballhockey” and “Ottawa Volleyball” and click our link. Please stay keep it open for 5 mins as it affects google stats
  7. Refer some one who wants to play sports to check us out
  8. Write some fresh content. Articles, reviews, post game or tips

*Talk to Krystle to get set up to edit content

Previous challenges: Plant something. Hang a Canadian flag. Send messages to everyone you would normally talk to in a month. Wish Buds HbD. April fools prank. Get your Smart Serve for Free. Phone someone.FB filter. Declutter your email. Do StatsCan survey. Online yoga. Enjoy a pet. Clean your phone & Case. Update your player profile. Sit in sun. Clean a drawer. Join webteam meeting.  Clean light switches, make something from toilet paper roll tubes, blinding lights dance challenge. Check the #PandemicProject hashtag. Make an uplifting playlist on AppleMusic. Follow us on all social media. Heart/like all posts. Add to another’s player profile. Enter Molson challenge, Update an SBW website page,  Google search Ottawa Softball and click our page, Work on your tan,  Clean out your dry foods and donate to the food bank,  Pizza challenge! Play Clash of Clans Stats Canada survey#2 Learn/work on another language Donate clothing to charity read a magazine Indigo’s book sale Bake cookies Ask SBW how you can help, Try a new wine, Share our FB page, Print a colouring sheet and colour, home cooked meal, Send letters donate to McNabb Arena Spend some time in the sun! Do a buzzfeed quiz Do some exercise, Do some gardening. Start or finish a home project Make a healthy meal, Submit questions for sports discussion. Get some team Swag

Activities to Stay Social

Suggest a movie or activity or in comments below! Nightly activity starts at 8:30pm. Thursday nights will be Game nights and Friday we will be conducting interviews. We create a group chat in order to socialize while Physical Distancing.


Dates Movie/Activity Streaming services / Notes
Monday June 1st, 2020 X-Men (2000) Bruce (Watch together)
Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 Harry Potter I Bruce (Watch together)
Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 Iron Man (2008) Bruce (Watch together)
Thursday June 4th, 2020 Game Night: canceled Hosted by Mora
Friday June 5th, 2020 Isolation interviews are canceled this week.

Buds are encouraged to take part in the protest to stand in solidarity with George Floyd

Contact Tiana
Saturday June 6th, 2020 8:30 pm: CFL Football Discussion Krystle and special guests
Sunday June 7th, 2020 The Incredible Hulk (2008) Bruce (Watch together)

Don’t have a streaming service for the movies? Download Plex here. Create an account and notify Bruce in the group chat so he can share his movie library with you.

Previously watched : Mighty Ducks 1,2& 3, Footloose, SuperBad, Life of the Party, Magic Mike, Remember the Titans, Superstar, Anchorman, She’s The Man, White Chicks , Waiting, Bad News Bears, The Longest Yard, Superbad, Clueless, Tiger King, Magic Mike, Major League, Goon, Goon 2, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, US, I Am Legend, Gone in 60 Seconds, To Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, Magic Mike 2 Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope Blue Crush Train wreck Bring it on Fired up How to Train your Dragon Back to the Future 10 Things I hate about you How to Train your Dragon 240 days & 40 nights, Back to the Future II How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World, Back to the Future III, A League of Their, Own Hustlers Top Gun

Volunteer – Buds Give Back to beat COVID-19

You’re healthy, you’re young, this is a pandemic not a vacation. Wanna get out? Then HELP out. COVID-19 can be a beat by working together. Ottawa needs you! Ideas so far are: Donate Blood ,  Do a shift or donate at the food bank, Donate or volunteer at McNabb Arena, Adopt a Grandparent virtually. Click Here to find more ways you can volunteer in Ontario.

18 comments to Staying Social & Physical Distancing – COVID-19

  • Krystle

    The Mighty Ducks (Disney)
    Mighty Ducks 2(Disney)
    Mighty Ducks 3 (Disney)
    10 things I hate about you (Disney)
    Magnificent (Disney)
    The Rookie (Disney)
    She’s the Man (Prime)
    Beer league (Prime and i have 15 copies)
    A Simple favour (Prime)
    Blades of Glory (Prime)
    Happy Gilmore (Prime)
    Top Gun (Prime)
    Pitch perfect (Prime)
    Pitch Perfect 2 (Prime)
    Pitch Perfect 3 (Prime)

  • Krystle

    Iliza sketch and EVERYTHING she’s ever done (Netflix)

    40 days & 40 nights (Netflix)
    Now you see me 2(Netflix)

  • Isabelle Pilon

    Id like Bucky Larson: Born to be a star (bruce)

  • Krystle

    Crazy Beautiful (Bruce)
    Super Troopers 1&2 (Bruce)

  • […] There is no offseason when you’re a Bud. The Government of Canada and World Health Organization has asked that we physically distance. During this time stay social, stay connected with your team. Check out the daily challenges to stay productive or help out. Join the team in watching a movie together. Feel the desperate need to get out? Then volunteer! We have all the details Here […]

  • Isabelle Pilon

    How to lose a guy in 10 days (bruce oups i mean netflix or prime hihi )

  • Isabelle Pilon

    How to lose a guy in 10 days (bruce oups i mean netflix or prime hihi )
    All the roads lead to rome (because rome is in lockdown haha – prime)

  • Krystle

    Varsity Blues (Bruce) !

  • Alex Thomson

    Matrix first one (netflix) Prime has trilogy but requires to sign up for free trail to another service

    Van Wilder (Prime)
    Waiting (Netflix)
    Harold and Kumar go to white castle (Netflix)
    Step Brothers (netflix)

  • Isabelle Pilon

    The sweetest things (netflix)
    School Of Life (bruce)

  • Krystle

    DavidG yess I really liked that one !

  • Isabelle Pilon

    Wall E
    Cast away
    I Am Legend
    (Bruce x3)

  • Peter Harper

    Gone in sixty seconds
    The Green Mile
    The Bling side

  • Krystle

    Watch a Tipsy Bartender (link it) and Yves
    Join us playing Clash Royal
    Learn/work on another language
    Donate clothing to charity, clean out your closet
    read a magazine (Krystle has extra if needed)
    Read a book… link library they have shit happening now, READ about it and summarize and share here

  • Krystle

    make cookies
    cook a home cooked meal and with your best china
    Try new wine
    order fresh bread (see Tiana for location)
    Ask SB&W how you can help
    Share our FB page

  • Krystle

    Print a colouring sheet and colour (or scrap paper, use pens, markers wtv you have but again Krystle has lots if needed)
    Send letters in the mail!

  • Kerrin Robertson

    Air Bud any of them
    Lion King
    Toy Story Any of them
    Finding Nemo

  • Kerrin Robertson

    Bad Boys 1 or 2
    Iron Man

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