Ottawa Softball Post Game 3, SBW Comp vs Infield Flies

What division is this again? Because we won big time. Anyway. I don’t want to do this post-game. My phone died at the half of the game so I couldn’t take note OR answer my precious text messages. We played, we won. End. For those fancy people who actually reads this (honestly, I don’t even know where to go if I were to want to read them):

First inning:
They got 2 points, maybe, and we did no big mistake. After that, we go to bat (yes, a team hit the ball, while the other catches it). We hit popflies, they failed at catching the ball. We made 5 points. End. Oh and Krystle added that I should say stuff like: Lot of trouble!!! Larry (don’t even know who this is) hit the ball up to the UNIVERSE and the other team were all in circle waiting for it to fall from the sky, like they were at a campfire.

Second inning:
I was busy hitting the ball or something so I asked Krystle to take notes and she wrote: I love you. So I don’t have any idea what happened there AND i don’t care and for those who actually care, please look at the score sheet attached. Apparently we did solid hits in the holes (why does that sound a little dirty…). Not sure what inning it’s supposed to be since I think I skiped one.

Ok, so Krystle smashed it at the fence, on the left fielder, who droped it so she was super lucky. Larry (I still don’t know who it is, but it seems to be the only name that Krystle told me. I am sure there’s a reason for that… maybe she likes him more than the other players). Anyway, he was out because the other team did catch the ball this time. Oh and Loretta was out and by that big ahhhh she said it seemed to be frustrating.

While we are on the field là, America (2?) finally throwed (I don’t give a shit that this word is spelled wrong) decently to Loretta at 1st base. Sarah said she could give her a boost next time if its too high. Sarah missed a ball. Sarah got the ball from whatever that shortstops name is. Yay 3 outs.

Third inning (maybe?)
Peter got me out at second. I dont think he likes me very much. Seb wants to make sure i take note of that solo homerun he did so no one can hit one after. What an asshole.

Here my phone died. So maybe something happened after. If it did, I won’t tell you. Look at the score sheet or invent a story in your head. I don’t care. We win and that’s all that we should remember

– Marie Eve

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