Ottawa Softball Post Game 3, SBW Rec vs The Walk Offs

Ottawa Softball Post Game 3, SBW Rec vs The Walk Offs

Game 1 Review – May 16th 2017 D Team Suds, Buds and Windmills

So our first games of the season turned out to be a success both the A and D Div teams, as they both won their first game! Woot woot! It was a close one for us in div D, but we ended the game as wieners with a score of 8-7.

After the game, I was finally initiated to the 2nd year + hip-check from cap Krystle, or as you may recognize her on the field “I

So first up on the line-up was Mat (SS) who did not have his usual luck at bat, but managed to get our first out of the game while running backwards! Quite impressive, happy 2nd year bud!!

Second up was Shelley (RF, CF, Rover) who was awesome at giving tips from experience to some of the less experienced players (myself!).

Third up at the plate was Peter (P, 3rd, SS) and was hitting bombs to the fence all night, no need for practice after those long winter months for him!
Fourth on the line-up was rookie Alison (2nd, RF) who managed to make contact in her first game (jealous!) and managed to get on base (no walks!) She’ll soon be giving her own advice!

We also have Jeff (LF) who claims to be a noob this year, but managed to catch a ball to LF and make contact at bat (whaaat). He also had some fun times running from 2nd to CF trying not to get tagged LOL, amazing!

Then yours truly (RF, Rover) was up to bat, and managed to make contact on first ball, first swing! If you’ve ever played with me or seen me in action, you know that this is HUGE! I can still hear my caps; “Just swing Claud!”

Then we have Eric G a.k.a. Golly (I prefer Gully) who managed to strike out once and hit 2 fly outs. Hahaha I get to rub it in cause he usually kills it. Better luck next game buddy! J Happy 2nd year to you too my friend!

Then we had Cindi (2nd, taxi) who managed to get an out at 2nd base, woot woot! Thank god for our skilled players!

After we had new recruit Ryan(1st), who managed not to die at first with SS Mat shooting bazooka’s at him. Ryan did pretty well and managed to catch quite a few at first and get some outs, hurray!

Our Catcher (or Backcatch as I still call it, which is apparently incorrect…pfff whateva) has clearly been practicing her throw. She’s come a long way since her first game with the ladies of Parkwood Hills, good job girl!

Then we had Captain Eric (P) who was def the star pitcher of the game. Not only was he not wearing flashy soccer cleats, but he managed to throw the ball at a safe distance at the pitcher’s mound, not halfway to home plate LOL. Eric also had a few decent hits and was able to advance runners, I think? I need to start writing these right after the game K LOL

Finally, we had Captain Krystal who took a double play and turned it into a no-play with a bonus of advancing runners…Oh and I have to mention the time she went up to bat and said “K watch this shit” Only to return to say “K forget I said anything” LOL we love you girl!

To conclude this review, our first game was mucho fun and I can’t wait to play more with this team and get to know everyone!

In other news, our beloved Ottawa Senators are currently in the Playoffs and we are all so excited and we hope they make it to the Finals! I thought it would be appropriate to share with you Dave’s artistic skills in portraying our very own Dion “the wrecking ball” Phaneuf in all of his glory.

Happy Playoffs everybody!


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