Ottawa Softball Post Game 5, SBW Comp vs Walk Offs

Ottawa Softball Post Game 5, SBW Comp vs Walk Offs

It was a cool June night, with threatening rain and heavy traffic. Most of the regular Tuesday guys couldn’t make it, so we had a lot of our spares out. Quite a few of us were still sore from the tournament over the weekend.  Seb was sore from his biking adventure, but still biked to the game to base coach first. He will not be quitting his day job, especially after letting Ashley walk away without touching the bag when she thought that she was out.

We made a good start offensively, with four runs in the first inning, and a home run by Justyn bringing in a pair of runs in the third inning. We followed up our bright start with a few not-so-great innings where we were having trouble hitting.

Defensively, however, we were keeping it pretty tight. We generally kept them to one run against, with our worst inning allowing three runs against. Justyn had a bullet of a throw to turn a double play at shortstop, and Ashley made some solid catches at Rover. Sub Kenny was also having a good defensive game in center field. There was some chemistry in the infield as well, with Eric, Mike, and Sarah making a bunch of outs at First. We had some help from a very enthusiastic Ump, who actually called a runner out for being in the way of a toss from Eric to Mike.

We managed to pick it up offensively and score a few more runs in the last innings.  Special mention goes to Mel (who got on base 3 of 4 times at bat), Shawn (who got on base all of his 3 at bats), and Justyn (who came home each of his 3 at bats).  And we won!

– Sarah

In and Out

In Out Maybe/Other
Eric Mark Nick-no
Krystle Trevor Pete-no
Sarah Seb
Katia Blake
Bryce Heather
Mel (Sub)
Kenny (Sub)
Mike (Sub)
Shawn (Sub)
Paul (Sub)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LF Shawn Shawn Shawn Paul Shawn Shawn Shawn
CF Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Paul Kenny Paul
RF Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Paul Bryce
RV Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Katia Ashley Ashley
P Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric
1st Mike Paul Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike
2nd Sarah Sarah Sarah Katia Sarah Sarah Sarah
SS Justyn Justyn Paul Justyn Justyn Justyn Justyn
3rd Krystle Krystle Katia Krystle Krystle Krystle Katia
C Mel Katia Mel Mel Mel Katia Mel
Sit Paul Mike Justyn Shawn Kenny Bryce Kenny
Sit Katia Mel Krystle Sarah Ashley Mel Krystle




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