Ottawa Softball Post Game 4, SBW Beer vs Foul_Balls

Ottawa Softball Post Game 4, SBW Beer vs Foul_Balls

Post Game:

Inspirational Music Night

The music started off with some country shit, and the game started off equally badly in the first inning with our defense not at its best. Fortunately the music improved and so did our game. Shawn putting one out of the park and Mel’s aggressive base running in the first inning were just the start of our domination.

By the time the second inning rolled around, we were turning double plays on D and ending the inning with 7 runs scored. Krystle tried hard for a run-home (after Mike explained that she does not get homeruns) and ended up with a solid triple (or a great hit with a few errors but who cares cause she ended up on third!), and by the top of the 3rd the other team was 3 up 3 down while our bats stayed hot.

In the 4th inning, we started to slow down again. It was noticed that someone turned the country music back on. The lesson here is very clear… if we want to win, we have to stay away from country music.

In the 5th inning, with real music playing again, we managed to get 4 outs and the game was ours after that, with a 19-13 win.


Good luck to the ladies in the tournament this weekend!

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