Ottawa Softball Post Game 8, SBW Comp vs Deloitte Dynamos

Ottawa Softball Post Game 8, SBW Comp vs Deloitte Dynamos

With Canada Day just around the corner, Suds, Buds and Windmills were going to have the biggest Ottawa softball challenge of the season (so far) against the accounting team from Deloitte. With Justyn out of the lineup, Ryan “sometimes get really plastered” Stasiuk would fill in at centre field.  Krystle and Eric decided to spice up the line up with Carlos pitching and Eric being taxi.

Both teams started off slow and put up very few runs. Carlos, despite getting high in pitch count, would get the strike, limiting any damage from potential walks. The all-star of the game was Ryan “in this game, sober” Stasiuk, with not only one, not two but four game saving catches; by far the best defensive performance of the year.

Things did look bleak  after a monster seven run inning by the opponents, but despite some cursing by Carlos and despite some aggressive fielding, the team rebounded in a way.  The game is softball and it is never out of hand. The bats of Suds, Buds and Windmills came alive in sixth with their own emphatic six run inning, bringing the team within two runs of a lead.   Carlos and company were able to shut down the team in the top of the sixth.  In the Bottom of the 6thwith two on bases, and just short of his 31st birthday, Jith clobbered a three run home run for a two run lead.

In some fantastic team play, Eric came in relief to shut down the side in the top of the seventh for the empathic win against one of the best teams.It was the best win of the Ottawa softball season because it was a team effort; Carlos kept his cool, the team made defensive mistakes but rebounded by stronger than average fielding on other plays and more importantly, the team hit and stayed in the game even though they could have beaten themselves down after a few slow innings and a blow up of an inning by the other team.

The games are going to get harder, but with level headed temperament and strong hitting, maybe Suds, Buds and Windmills can pull off more surprises. Check back next week for another Ottawa softball postgame from the RA Centre softball league.

In and Out

In Out Maybe
Eric Justyn with a Y Korteney – Spare
Krystle Ryan – Spare
Carlos – text
Lawrie – in person


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LF Pete
CF Ryan
RF Brent
Rover Krystle
P Carlos
1st Jith
2nd Sarah
SS Lawrie
3rd Sam V
BC Heather
sit Baby Mel
Sit Eric



Guy Lady
Ryan Baby Mel
Pete Krystle
Brent Sarah
Carlos Sam V
Lawrie Heather

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