Ottawa Softball Post Game 5, SBW FallBall vs FO

Ottawa Softball Post Game 5, SBW FallBall vs FO
It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents — except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in Ottawa that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness. The members of Suds, Buds & Windmills were glued to their phones, waiting in anticipation to see if the 7:45pm game would be canceled. Buds Kevin, Katia, Marie Eve & Durwin headed to the field early to scout field conditions & confirm for themselves the 6:30pm games were being played. Excitement rose in the SBW group chat as it slowly became more and more evident that it would be GAME ON.
Justyn with a Y stepped up to bat and started the game off with an easy solo HR. It was for the best as we would soon discover our Boys & Loretta would need to carry us a little. In an unprecedented surprise twist it was our ladies (minus incredible part time Bud Loretta Wilson who was a BOSS Lady at everything she did) who struggled AB. Captain Krystle Awmack who won such summer season SBW awards as:  BadAss Baserunner (17R for 26H);  had 13.3% of the runs (Tuesday – 17)was 1/5 this game. Marie-Eve Paquette , the player who you bet on to burn that outfield consistently was only able to hit one stand up double.The first inning was a slow start with a just 2 runs in.
A sea of Montreal jerseys would flood the field as Pageau, Durwin & Krystle would dress up for the occasion. Krystle wore hers for having lost a bet to Durwin (She claimed she could beat him in the 3 pitch tourney with more ladies on the field then his requested 3… SBW beat the other teams but not his, Ringer Loretta was instrumental in those wins as well). Pageau & Durwin took the oppertunity to represent their fave teams and not get yelled at for lacking jerseys. Usuing her Mtl Jersey good luck charm, Pageau  had a spectacular basket catch at rover that she ran in to hold the runners. Kevin and our outfield boys would get a few flies but for the most part it was the infield who would see the most action. The anticipation and thrill of a possible triple play & a easy double by Justyn with a Y & Daniel would prove to be too much as both would have to settle for boring single outs. Loretta made more then one snag at 1st where she had to hustle to the bag for the out. Co Captain Eric would sit back and watch strike after strike (swinging and non).  The highlight of the defensive game however would go to Marie Eve for her accidental forced 3rd out at home plate which neither team was proud of but certainly was comic relief (and besides we gave em an out later for M.E!)
Luckily #ThemBoys played together all weekend & were able to step in and deliver some beauty hits. Between Justyn with a Y’s starting us off with his big hit and Kevin Eric & Daniel hitting perfect 4/4 games, we were ready to play some ball! Kevin brought in 3 RBI’s on his most monsterous hit. Daniel just raking in  6 RBI’s and running his heart out for not one but TWO in the park home runs (neither of which exploited a weak RF) were also first rate highlights.
In the 5th inning the combination of an over zealous Shawn Weller, a quiet Justyn with a Y base coach and hesitant Pageau standing on 1st,  would lead to hilarity as Shawn ran past Pageau and was an automatic out. Pageau would go 1st to 3rd on Shawn’s hit and a historical 1st would hit the books. I always thought it would be Eric to overtake another base runner. Loretta picked her spots easily each turn AB as did Eric and others. To be honest I think half our team not wearing stunning white and wearing mtl jerseys (which happen to be the opposing teams colours) was just confusing!
Dana’s Mom perched on the bleachers cuddled under her blanket came to see a game and a game she was given! Her encouraging words and hilarious chirps could be heard from the RA Patio. She actually knocks Full time Bud Samantha Vezina out of the awards spot for “Best Chirper”. In the 6th and leading by a landslide Cappy Krystle would step up to the plate.  Camera man Drew Gorman & Krystle looked at each other knowingly as they listened to RF exclaim “why do I need to be back it’s not like she will put it over the fence” as he inched in closer and closer. Dana’s Mom’s shouts of encouragement and the opposing teams RF were the encouragement Captain Krystle needed to pull herself out of her batting slump. Krystle hit a bomb to RF, well over the fielders head and looked for her own home run. 3rd base coach held her so she was awarded the standup triple instead.
In the 7th inning things took a turn for the worst. Driven predominantly by Captain Krystle’s non-sense, SBW allowed 6 runs to come in. Captain Eric Delisle would end the inning but he would need to work for it as it didn’t come easy. S – B – Dubs would take home the win with a 10-23 (and 6 of those 10 were in the awful 7th) leaving self proclaimed Rivals in the dust. Drafting demands and inner team chirping would commence as all of our teams head into the Champ Nights.
Player of the game: I am gonna go with Kevin. He batted 4/4, got some outs in the field, got burned once but over all was a great game for him and him joining us as a spare really helped us out. Could say the same with Loretta too.
Play of the game:  Marie Eve oops out
Benched next game award: Captain Krystle



I have asked Mark Fish if we get a to play another team at 630, please stand by for response. For now, we STILL play the 745 game.

IN out Spares
Krystle Marley (Sick via FB) Kevin
Eric Rhys Nick Flow
Shawn Mike (family emergency via fb)
Justyn with a Y




1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LF Nick Flow Nick Flow Nick Flow Nick Flow Justyn Nick Flow Nick Flow
CF Justyn Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Justyn Kevin
RF Shawn Krystle Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn Shawn
RV Pageau Pageau Katia Pageau Pageau Pageau Pageau
P Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric
1st Loretta Justyn Loretta Loretta Loretta Loretta Loretta
2nd Krystle Katia Krystle Krystle Katia Krystle Krystle
SS Durwin Justyn Durwin Durwin Durwin Durwin Durwin
3rd Daniel Daniel Justyn Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel
C Marie Eve Marie Eve Marie Eve Katia Marie Eve Marie Eve Katia
Sit Kevin Shawn Daniel Durwin Nick Kevin Justyn
Sit Katia Loretta Pageau Marie Eve Krystle Katia Marie Eve



Guy Krystle
Justyn Marie-Eve
Durwin Katia
Daniel Pageau
Eric Loretta
Nick Flow

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