Ottawa Softball Post Game 2, SBW Beer Vs Roger Dorns

Ottawa Softball Post Game 2, SBW Beer Vs Roger Dorns

Ottawa Softball post game

Friday night was a beautiful one to play softball against the Roger Dorns here in the city of Ottawa. We had a late start due to the game before ours being delayed waiting on an umpire to show (even though we played an entire game waiting for a real ump to show last week…burn!). The postponement didn’t faze the Suds, Buds & Windmills however, driving on to win 12-7; most likely owing to all the team bonding we did at the First Annual Kickoff BBQ last Friday night! It also helped to have an AMAZING volunteer umpire; she should be hired by the RA Centre! Every Bud on the team played really well and their determination to have fun and win paid off. We’re 1 for 1 team, let’s keep the momentum going!

Player of the Game: Eric

Much to Krystle’s dismay (and secretly, joy) Eric played a fabulous softball game, making every out he snagged look effortless. He even managed to throw in a fancy 360° spin, “Jith-style” making it the end of an inning and allowing us to get those bats going yet again. Even Krystle yelling “you’re not getting player of the game, you’re the captain!” didn’t deter Eric. Captain or no captain, by the top of the 6th, it was clear that he was striving hard for the chance to be “Player of the Game” and he definitely earned it.

Play of the game: 

We have two softball plays that stood out this game: Eric’s leaping catch that lead to a double play was really impressive and helped us end an inning, and TBIL’s dirrrrty home run accomplished by keeping his head up and continuing to run the bases while the other team made errors and overthrows.  Real heads up baserunning for Ottawa Softball.

Lessons Learned: 

Just because someone is dressed like an Ottawa softball umpire, it doesn’t make them an umpire.


  • Peanuts!
  • Eric’s big save getting the third out (and ignoring Krystle yelling at him)
  • Kalina being pretty (not my words, taking these right out of Krystle’s notes)
  • Sarah continuously burning the left fielders. They were never ready for her!
  • TBIL’s pitching! Great game buddy!
  • Josianne hit 4 for 4 even though her legs were KILLING her after soccer earlier this week
  • TBIL’s leadoff home run that was way more impressive then any out of park HR!
  • Josianne with her awesome hit
  • Jamie and Denis had a lot of patience waiting for the right pitches
  • Jamie with some great throws from the fence to the infield
  • Denis taking an extra base, which was risky but it worked!
  • Sarah with her awesome hit
  • Jim with his socks pulled up, looking like a fashionable pirate
  • Jim and Eric with two outs in a row
  • Alex’s stretch on first to get the out!
  • Denis hit 3 for 3
  • Eric hit 2 for 2
  • Dave used a red pen so it looks really pretty – Drew high about score sheet
  • Every single player came in this game, had at least a run. (technically Eric got stranded but only cause we maxed the inning with 7 runs)
  • There pitcher/cappy was super nice about us mixing up the batting order
  • Bruce coming out to watch!


  • 2nd inning hurt Krystle inside
  • Krystle yelling at Kalina on third and confusing her
  • Jim running the ball around trying to chase people to get them out (it’s also very funny to watch though)
  • One time Sarah was out, howwww?​
  • Krystle has been spelling Hi-Low wrong this entire time
  • Denis mixing up the batting order 🙁 , that could be an automatic out 🙁
IN Out Other
Eric Baillie Kalina – spare
Denis Drew Danielle – can’t spare
Jamie Tiffy


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