Ottawa Softball Playoff Post Game Semi-Finals, SBW Comp vs Fouled Balls

Ottawa Softball Playoff Post Game Semi-Finals, SBW Comp vs Fouled Balls

Ottawa Softball Post Game written by Jith

Another Tuesday night equals another Ottawa softball game. Tonight was slightly different as Suds, Buds and Windmills were competing to get into the final.   As I write my second piece (for you who are not aware, it’ Jith behind these literary masterpieces..:p), I realized we should first go back to the start.  If you had seen the team at the beginning of the season and through the low points, this Suds, Buds and Windmills was not the same team stepping onto the field.  This version of Suds, Buds and Windmills was more mature and patient and as a result, they executed like they had never before.

Ottawa Softball season started out slow. As players tried to get back into routine while learning to gel with their new teammates.  Coupled with a few early losses, Krystal‘s frustrations and many rained-out games, things were started to looking bleak. Veteran ball players including the “Stone Cold” Carlos were hoping that the team just needed some time to find its stride.After tonight’s match up against the Fouled Balls, the Tuesday night team has not only found its stride but are now riding it strong into the finals.    After a solid game last week, Suds, Buds and Windmills came back with even a stronger performance.

Baby Blake and Baby Luke were both present to support their team. Maybe they should be considered the team’s lucky charms. Both little guys being new additions to the team earlier this season.   Along with the two little ones, the always supportive David, Krystal’s counterpart and Keeley, Pete’s counterpart, supported not only their respective significant other but the team as well. Any ball game starts with great pitching and defense.  Eric was exemplary and as Jith stated El Fuego. Eric made 13 out of 18 stops including back to back strikeouts, earning him player of the game.

Plays of the game:

Justyn and Pete were stars at the top of the line up. Including a monster top-of-the-game triple for JP and what was the nail that sealed the coffin for Fouled Balls: Pete’s Grandslam.  Krystle was also a star at the top of the lineup: 3-4 including a triple and getting home multiple times.   The rest of the team continued to hit like a well oiled machine, trying to make sure they simply got on base and take advantage of defense lapses by the other team.    The team was continuing to mature as they took their time with throws and didn’t lose composure when the other team made a hit or two.

Suds, Buds and Windmills were being patient, which lead to fewer errors and many quick innings.  In the 3rd, when it looked like things might unravel, as Fouled Balls got a few runs in, the team took a collective breath of fresh air and shut down the opponent.  This was clearly exemplified by a hit that spun and bounced by Jith in right field.  What could have become a low point of the game. Runners such as Sarah, Alison and Carlos stepped it into another gear. They beat out throws to first and played smart yet aggressive softball all the way to home plate.

Next week brings us to the climax of this eventful season.   This first-time ensemble of ball players and friends are reunited for their finale. An exciting best of three-game series against the FO.   It will be important for Suds, Buds and Windmills to play the patient ball that has made them successful.   It will be important for the team to keep composure and focus. Even if the odd hit or error is made, because if they play like they did the past two weeks. There is no reason why this rag-tag group of friends can win not only the championship this year but many more down the road. Check back next week for another Ottawa softball postgame from the RA Centre softball league.

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