Ottawa Softball Post Game Rainout 1 & 2, SBW Comp vs Outta Towners & Red Tap

Ottawa Softball Post Game Rainout 1 & 2, SBW Comp vs Outta Towners & Red Tap

Ottawa Softball SBW Players of the game: Justyn & Eric said Krystle (I was) but wont’ write is so I am sure as hell not writing my own. Not sure who else so.. Justyn…

So as much as I like giving the player of the game and plays of the game to defense… Justyn was on fire at bat. He had that infield grand slam…. at least 2 stand up tripples, he started the game off with an out of park HR (accidental? lol)., So yeah, it’s gotta go to Justyn, he’s also all cute and stuff, Carolyn and I voted him “wouldn’t say no too” guy on the team this year! (Awards at end of year ceremony aka prom if you talk to Jith) Speaking of people we wouldn’t say no too.. stop what you’re doing and see Pete get wet:

Ottawa Softball Plays of the game: Sarah’s catch a twirl in mud for the tagged out & Justyn’s InField GrandSlam

Lessons Learned: 1. memorize the batters. Let’s try for the double plays, 2/3 girls (and 1 guy dribblers to ss) were consistant easy to the pitch (or bunts), we can really capitalize on that, let’s try next game vs that team! Work together and most of all memorize the batters. Always watch the runners, it’s worth it, Eric flung a ball backwards and Krystle tagged out a runner. In that case I think it was more a mistaken runner but in the playoffs we will meet up with guys who are greedy baserunners  and it’s always sweet to shut that down, it’s like the scoring a shorty of softball haha. Pitch smart, if you get the 1 strike walk  their HR hitter, memorize the batters. Outfield – just cause it’s a dude please don’t wait at the fense, we need to play aggressive and smart , memorize the batters, by their 3rd bat (or a girls 5th in the case of 2 women… lol) you should know where it’s going. 😀

Ottawa Softball Highs

  • Win! well.. 500 split? I dunno.. ask Drew
  • Krystle throw 3rd to 1st on the money and easy beat the runner
  • Krystle HR
  • Justyn HR’s
  • Krystle making throw from third to first for the out
  • Krystle complimented jith and everyone was confused
  • I kinda liked the mudd…. just sayin’
  • Heather’s stretch attempt at 3rd
  • Heather snag
  • Martin’s attempt at double play to Samantha
  • Heathers attempt at a double play to krystle at 2nd
  • Kryslte exploiting error and sliding into 2nd
  • Eric walking the heavy hitter then throwing 3 strikes in a row
  • Carolyn, Baille Riel & Heathers Mom out for the game
  • Kalina’s Other team won their championships, undefeated all season and with 6 ladies….WUT ERIC
  • Lawrie likes great music


  • Weather
  • Jess ball in face
  • Sarah hurt 🙁
  • Eric was a bit mislead about their “3rd girl just running late”
  • theres a lot of Krystle highs but their carolyns notes!
  • Bruce couldnt come
  • Pete out
  • no beer
  • Krystle dug out base coaching – sorry guys
  • I believe I can fly stuck in our heads…jith… lol



As of 5:39pm the game is STILL ON, please plan to play!


Make up game 2 and 3


Check back next for another Ottawa postgame from the RA Centre league

IN Out Other
Eric Pete Jess
Jith Alison
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LF Lawrie Lawrie Lawrie Lawrie Lawrie Lawrie Lawrie
CF Justyn Justyn Justyn Justyn Justyn Justyn Justyn
RF Jess Jess Jess Krystle Jess Jess Jess
RV Jith Jith Jith Jith Jith Jith Jith
P Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric
1st Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin
2nd Sarah Krystle Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Krystle
SS Carlos Carlos Carlos Carlos Carlos Carlos Carlos
3rd Krystle Heather Heather Heather Heather Krystle Heather
C Sam Sam Krystle Sam Sam Sam Sam
Sit Heather Sarah Sam Jess Krystle Heather Sarah

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