Ottawa Softball Post Game 8, SBW Comp vs Master Batters

Ottawa Softball Post Game 8, SBW Comp vs Master Batters

It was finally a sorta sunny tuesday for an ottawa softball game at the RA Centre!

SBW Ottawa Softball Player of the Game: Eric

PLAY of the game:

Lawrie’s bare hand catch at 2nd base & Eric walking it over to Martin’s glove, no risks man, no risks!!

Ottawa Softball Lessons Learned:

  1. 1st games suck
  2. Beer makes stuff better
  3. Eric is a light weight but we knew that 🙂
  4. We need Dave to keep score lol


  • Baillie paying Jith 10$, him paying us that SAME 10$ (for pizza), us giving it to Baillie (for her spot on the team). ba ha haha ha
  • Baillie coming out
  • Bruce coming out
  • Sarah crushen that ball into left field!
  • Justyn’s Arm
  • Carlos throwing some crazzzzy heat but more importantly the line ” I only know how to throw one way”
  • Eric walking the ball over to Martin JUST IN CASE
  • Eric mother fucking gap hits AB
  • The sisters were awesome! got some outs , some hits, ran shit out!
  • Chilling on the patio with yall!
  • The baby was soooo good. I am just grateful!
  • I got on base finally – Krystle
  • The boys flexing the bleachers haha
  • Jayme and Luisa coming over to see Baby Blake, cause Jayme’s face was showing his heart all melted and shit.
  • bahhhhhh Bruce learning to keep score.
  • Baille playing country music
  • Everyone wore swag!
  • Jith in his sexy white shirt finally


  • The 2nd inning made Baillie sad
  • Huge hits by a few boys that were fly outs (Lawrie & Pete come to mind), I thought for sure they were gold!
  • Getting burned by the placed hit to the line in RF – Krystle
  • Our bats, ahhhh
  • No Drew
  • Joey couldn’t come to the patio after our game 🙁

Check back next week for another ottawa softball postgame.

IN Out Other
Eric Danielle
Justyn Bree

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