Ottawa Softball Post Game 9, SBW Comp vs Outta Towners

Ottawa Softball Post Game 9, SBW Comp vs Outta Towners

In this Ottawa softball game Suds, Buds & Windmills was in for a treat as Baby Luke joined the mix escorted by the always stunning Keely Giles. There were babies & spounces everywhere you turned on the 1st game SBW Tuesday has gotten to play in a long time, (did we play last week? I can’t even recall.. lol) The night was sticky humid, and for the first time in 2014 at the RA Centre, it wasn’t raining on a Tuesday (other then the games we didn’t get to play because of poor field maintance). Several players sported their SBW Bhockey jerseys and the fans cheered loudly as our Buds played their usual outstanding game.

SBW Ottawa Softball Player of the Game:


The 1st lady of Tuesday to lock down Player of the game! Sarah was an absolute boss all game, she showed up and delivered her usual huge hits  but also delievered a fantastic game defensivly, even winning the play of the game which often goes to a different player. 

Play of the game: 

Sarah snagging a low one while manning 2nd, then with the help of the whole team yelling “1st!” gunning it to 1st base to easily pick off the unsuspecting runner.

Lessons Learned:
switch it up when we are ahead by a lot, call your ball and tag up cause even the strongest fielder (other then Pete and Justyn of course lol) aint getting that ball in from deep LF to home plate.


  • Everything Sarah did – Eric quote
  • Sarah’s double play
  • Jiths throw out of the park from rover (it gets high cause that shit was pretty hilarous)
  • The lovers/fans in attendence! Riel, Alisons boy, David, Bruce, Baillie, Sam, Dave’s parents!
  • The babies!
  • O-M-G Baby Luke in the baseball outfit
  • Krystle finally got out of her never on base in like 9 at bats funk
  • Lawrie taking the walk! TEAM PLAYA!
  • Jith scaring us with those awkward catches (but super sick he almost got all 3 outs that inning!!!)
  • SAMANTHA with that throw to Sarah , BC to second is bad ass guys , for the out too!
  • Eric with the strike outs
  • Carlos running it out to get to on base


  • Captains were late
  • game was soo late
  • I didn’t realize how much we were winning by
  • sucked their girl got hurt
  • Samantha messin’ with me by saying she dind’t bring the truck
  • Lawrie almost getting sacked with a line drive

Check back next week for another Ottawa softball postgame.


IN Out Other
Eric Lawrie?
Sarah Alison?
Justyn Pete?
Heather Kalina can spare
Martin Danielle can spare
Samantha LEt’s try n get Trevor out?

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