Blood Drive


Date Time Competition Season
October 18, 2018 11:00 am Events 2018

Extra details

We are going to do a blood drive for all those that are interested in giving blood to save lives!

We are doing this mid October after our tournament and possibly at the RA centre and time will be determined. Please RSVP and comment what time you might be able to do this. It’s probably a benefit to also know your blood type

In order to give blood you must:

1. register on the site
2. Take an iron supplement
3. be sober

There are some other factors and they will give a you questionnaire to fill out at the time of the blood drive. Please drink lots of water and salty snacks before giving blood is a tip from the blood drive website


Player Position RSVP NOTES
Bruce-Cannot attend 
Emie-Cannot attend 
Mohawk-Cannot attend 
Diana VestaPitcherAttending 
MCOutfieldCannot attend 
Frank DinardoRight fieldCannot attend 
Isabelle PFirst baseAttending 
Private: Amanda RCatcherAttending 

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