Ottawa Softball ONSPL THURSDAY – Post Game 4, SBW vs Poole Creek Pirates

Ottawa Softball ONSPL THURSDAY – Post Game 4, SBW vs Poole Creek Pirates

The house Group Message (GM) rang all afternoon, would we play or would it be another rain out? Krystle typed back 98% chance we don’t play!. “The Gods were with us and the clouds parted to allow sunshine to light up the fields” -Isabelle. Ottawa softball would play!

After going 0-2 to start the season Suds, Buds & Windmills was looking to come in hot and that they did. Team white and blue (although the opposing team had similar taste and equally sexy – not at all confusing) put up an easy 7 runs in the first. Big mention to Krystle’s in-park home-run she turned into a triple! In the bottom frame, Jeff would lay out for a grounder at 2B and from the ground a little shovel throw to Rich to make the out. it’s almost like he bought pants and suddenly was a contender. With a small learning mistake from the Pirates at home, Buds get out of the inning with 2 runs against. (7-2).

Second inning – In Typical SBW fashion after the hot, hot start the bats go cold with a 3 up, 3 down.  In the bottom of 2 new comer Ryan Dan would prove to be just as effective at 3B as he was as pitcher in this past weekend’s Team Dylan vs Team Krystle Summer Classic picking up 2 outs to help close out the inning with the Buds giving up another 2. (7-4).

Top of 3, welcome back Adria for her first game of the year starting the Buds off to another big inning . Big triple from Rich and SBW fires back for 5 runs. Bottom of three the Pirates push back. Isabelle and Dylan were having a staring contest in the outfield which resulted in an infield home run – later when it didn’t count Dylan dug deep and whispered “something” softly, we honestly can’t tell you CAUSE NO ONE HEARD it. With a few more miscues like Captain Eric throwing the ball away at 1B (ended up being 3 times over the game!) The Pirates push back for 4 runs (12 -8).

Top of 4, We would see SBW’s first out of park home run from J.Cobb (Solo of course, but into the other diamond!) with the Buds firing on all cylinders putting in another 7 runs.  Bottom of 4 Buds get back to some better D with the help of Anne in control, catching an amazing pop fly on the run in left field. (19 -10).

Top 5 SBW keep the bats hot, turning over the batting line up with another 4 runs and leaving 3 more on base! Back to the Bottom Buds keep the D on lock keeping the Poole Creek Pirates off the board. Notable highlight with a great tag play at 3B from Dylan (assist to J. Cobb in the field). The Suds, Buds & Windmills managed to get their first win of the 2021 season with a 23 – 10 mercy win!

Spirits were high throughout the game, as well as in the extra inning that the opposing team agreed to play, and in the mini beer party afterwards. It goes without saying both teams were on fire, on and off the field.  Isabelle then pumped our opponents full of beer and hopefully they will support us when the Lady Buds go to Hamilton and maybe even their ladies will join our cause. As usual, the men didn’t look to their base coaches. Have you seen our girls.. like Dammmn, even your straight writers of this very article wouldn’t say no to them Lady Buds! Most of the team would start the stretch together and it should be noted the last time Isabelle, Anne and Krystle played together (Eric was there too, coo coo) we won division A at the RA , just sayin’.

Written by : Isabelle , Krystle & Eric


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